Wednesday, December 20, 2017

My Birthday Blessings!

So, I had a birthday AGAIN on Monday. It’s been happening to me…..oh, about once a year. It was a good day, but towards the end it was a little shaky. But two things happened to me that really made me want to cry for the feels they gave me. I’ll tell you what happened.

Megan and I went to the schools at 1:00 to get both Ryan and Timmy out. I had called the schools and told them I needed to get them out of school because we needed to be in Roanoke at 2. I made it sound rather appontmentish. Which it was; I had told Cole and his gf Sam we’d be at their house at 2:00 to decorate Christmas cookies. ;-)

Which we did, and did we ever have fun! It was Sam’s first time ever decorating Christmas cookies and I had gotten some new gold sparkledy jimmies and sprinkles to use! I had baked the gingerbread cookies the night before, the recipe my mom always made when I was growing up and are they ever delicious!!

On the way home, the car kept making a weird noise that worried me, and I prayed the whole way home that we’d make it and the car wouldn’t fall apart on the highway. When we got home and put everything away, I really needed to just lie down for a while and rest, so we all did...the house was so quiet!

Later on, I just did not feel like cooking, so I ordered pizza from Pizza Hut to be delivered for supper. About ten minutes later, Pizza Hut called me to say their delivery driver had car problems so I’d have to either cancel the order or pick it up myself. I said I’d be there in 20 minutes, as that’s how long he said it’d be until it was ready.

On the way to Pizza Hut, the car was acting strange again, as if it were having transmission problems. I was quite frazzled the whole drive there, and at the light just seconds away from the place, Pizza Hut called me again to inform me they had no pan pizza doughs. “Seriously?” I said. “I have to pick it up myself and it’s not pan pizza?”

At the restaurant, I sat in the parking lot to get my money out and discovered I was twenty dollars short of what I had had earlier. It was just too much. I walked in and was about to cry when the young woman and man came towards me and apologized, and said there would be no charge for the meal.

What?? I told them that this was my birthday and several things had gone wrong and to top it off I was missing money. They both stared at me, wished me a happy birthday, and got my pizzas for me. I took the pizzas home and told Phil what had happened. He was as amazed as I was.

That was the first thing I wanted to share. The next took place the next day. It’s our custom to go out to eat with the birthday person, but since I was gallivanting around decorating Christmas cookies during the afternoon, we went the next day, Tuesday.

I was still smarting from the sting of the car troubles and the missing money, and as we were happily stuffing our faces with the food at the Chinese buffet, a couple came over to our table, leaned down, and said, “We want to wish you a merry Christmas. Your meal bill has been taken care of.”

What?? Megan was unaware of what that meant, but Phil and I were in awe. We said thank you and I told them this was my birthday meal, and they smiled and left. I’ve heard of this happening, but it had never happened to me before. Phil and I were still stunned as we ate our dessert of little cakes and fruit. What a blessing!!

So, as we drove home and the car behaved for Phil, we talked about these two good things, these blessings that had happened for my birthday, far outweighing the few negative things that had happened. I’m still somewhat awestruck about it, and it makes me want to do something nice for someone when I am able. What a blessing they were to me. I want to be a blessing to someone else too!