Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A Special Little Trip

So, last week my sisters, who were in Florida visiting our mom’s husband Jimmy, contacted me and asked if Megan and I wanted to meet up with them on their way back to Massachusetts. They were going to stop at my niece Jessie’s house which is 2 hours from us. Of course I said yes!

They were getting a hotel room to stay at and offered to let us sleep there too, so we’d have more time together.

Megan and I packed our bags for an overnight stay and left at 3:00 Friday afternoon.

It took us 3 hours instead of 2 because I got lost towards the end and backtracked across several towns a few times. I totally panicked because I don’t have a GPS in my car, but was on the phone with Philip, him trying to calm me and guide me to Jessie’s street. 

We all met at Jessie’s and right away they took us out to eat at the Golden Corral. It was so big, like the Disney World of buffet restaurants! 

Afterwards we went to the hotel room, where Megan immediately staked her claim.

She brought some of her dollhouse people to play with, and made a growling face at me when I took another picture!

We took lots of photos and talked and laughed…Jessie and Kris...


Jessie and Susan…

Megan and her bestie cousin Jessie!

Megan, Susan, Kris, and me.

After Jessie’s friend took her back to her house, we watched Live PD and went to sleep. In the morning I said goodbye to Kris and Susan, who wanted to get on the road early as they had a long drive back to Mass ahead of them. Megan was too sleepy to wake up!

Megan and I ate breakfast and drove on home, tired but happy from our wonderful special trip. Back to regular everyday life, which isn’t so bad with all the little special times sprinkled in like jimmies on a sundae. :-)