Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Conversation with Megan #7

As we’re in the kitchen making lunch:

Megan: Dat spidewr in my dowwhouse?

Me: Yes?

Megan: He got afwaid.

Me: He got afraid? Of what?

Megan: Of da fundewr.

Me: So what happened?

Megan: He used his long legs and wun away!

Me, trying not to laugh at the visual: What did he do after that?

Megan, shrugging: He’s stiww dawre. He’s in anovewr woom.

Me: Well what does he do in there?

Megan: I dunno. He better not pway wiv my peepoo (people)!

Me: What would you do if he did play with your people? Punch him in the nose?

Megan, giving me a withering look: Mummy! He doesn’t HAVE a nose! He’s a spidewr!

Me, getting quieter: Okay, what do I know? I’m just a mom, I don’t know anything about these spiders that might play with dollhouse people but don’t have noses….