Sunday, January 29, 2017

Laundry: A Conversation with Megan #6

So Megan and I were talking about things we have to do to prepare for our trip up north for the memorial service for my mom. Most of you know my mom died last month, and it’s been so hard on us, Megan especially. But while she is grieving her Granny, she’s also excited about traveling back to Massachusetts for four days. Today we’re going to make sure all the clothes we need to take are clean for the trip.

Megan: Awre we goin’ to da laundwomat to do da cwoves?

Me: Yeah, after Phil gets home.

Megan: Can we wash my doww cwoves?

Me: Yep!

Megan, talking to her doll Emily: Did you heawr dat Emily? Gwammie says we can wash youwr cwoves!

Emily, in a voice that sounds surprisingly like Megan’s, only high pitched: Okay, but I don’t want dem washed wiv da towels.

Megan: Are dawre gonna be towels in da load?

Me: Yes, I have a few.

Megan, so serious: Emily doesn’t want hewr cwoves washed wiv da towels.

Me: Okay, we can put the towels in another load. A different one. Why doesn’t she want her clothes washed with the towels?

Megan: Because she doesn’t.

Me: But why?

Megan: Because she’ww be pissed. <in that half lisp she has :) >

Me: Oh…..okay.

Megan, happily chattering to Emily again: See Emily? We’ww get youwr laundwy done!

Emily: Okay Mamma!

Megan: Dat’ll be so much fun! An’ we’wre goin’ to da hotew (hotel) an’ you can wear youwr coat! I can’t wait!! It’s gonna be so much fun! I want to take a baff in da tub! An’ get fwied cwams!