Thursday, December 15, 2016

Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornament

This is a very simple craft project that you can do with your children of almost any age and end up with ornaments for the Christmas tree. If they are able to perform the first step of tying shoes, then they will be able to make this. And if not, maybe this will help them learn how!

What you’ll need are:

a twig for each ornament, about 8 inches long and about ¼ inch in circumference

ribbon in several complimentary colors (cloth or silky varieties, wide or narrow)


twine for hanging (optional)

Cut the ribbon into 6-7 inch strips. I chose to arrange them in an eye-pleasing order so the kids could use them in that order, but they ended up just choosing them randomly as they saw fit, and then I realized that was even better. They truly used their own creativity in making them. ;)

Start from the bottom, wrapping a ribbon around the twig in the fashion of the first step in tying shoes, about 1 ½ inches from the bottom of the twig.

Megan is shown in the middle photo working on hers, and Angela is on the right, adjusting the placement of the ribbons on hers.

Add on strips of ribbon until you get within about ½ -¾ inch from the top. Adjust the ribbon and flatten as needed or as desired.

Now it’s time to trim the ribbon so it takes on the shape of a Christmas tree. I found it easiest to turn it upside down, with the top towards me, and trim that way. Cut diagonally, closer to the twig, and gradually getting further away from the twig as you go down, so the bottom ribbons will be wider across.

Turn it around, and tie on a hanger. We used some simple twine, but you could use a piece of ribbon if you desire. The twine seemed to hold good.

Your children now have their own handmade ornament for your Christmas tree!

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