Monday, October 3, 2016

Another Conversation With Megan #5

Megan and I spent some time with Caitlin at her new house today, a special time of a mom and her daughters. You know how much Megan loves her sister and will squeal when she sees her!

So after lunch and some shopping, Megan and I had to head home.

Megan: Dare’s a catapiwwewr on dat leaf (on the windshield).

Me: Oh yeah, I think I saw him yesterday.

Megan: Dis mowrnin’, Mum, dare was a stinkbug on my tee shiwrt nightgown.

Me: Oh really?

Megan: He spwayed. He spwayed his smeww.

Me: I just peachnut them away from me.

I demonstrate it on the steering wheel.

Megan: He spwayed his smeww on it an’ I smewwed it. OOOOOOOO it smewwed gwoss!

Me: Well I’ve never smelled it, but I hear it’s gross.

Megan: Yeah, Mum, it is. It smewws!! He bettewr not do dat again.

Me: I’m sure he won’t. I think he learned his lesson.

Megan: Yeah, he bettewr. Can we get a slushie?

Her indignation spent, Megan and I had a calmer ride the rest of the way.

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