Saturday, August 20, 2016

A Conversation With Megan #4


When Megan says, "Guess what??" you just never know what's going to come out of her mouth. 

Me: What?

Megan: Darwes a SUPEWR...DAWRK...GWAY...out dawre.

Me: A cloud?

Megan: Yes....SUPEWR...DAWRK...GWAY.

Incredibly serious...

Me: Oh. so do you think it’s going to rain?

Megan: Yes. An’ I have a supewr dawrk gway cwayon.

Me: Ohhhhhh, good.

Megan: Want me to dwaw a supewr dawrk gway cloud fowr you?

Me: Yes, I’d love that.

Megan: Okay. I dwaw it fowr you.

Me: Thank you!

I take a pic of her face and ask, “That’s your serious face, isn’t it?”

Megan: No, it’s my scawred face.

I put the camera away but Megan tells me to get it.

I snap another shot.

Megan: Dis is my scawred face. I’m scawred. It’s SUPEWR...DAWRK...GWAY.

Me: Okay then. You’re just beautiful, Megan.

And off she trots to get her supewr dawrk gway cwayon to draw me a picture.