Saturday, May 21, 2016

Megan Discovers the Camera

So, we recently got Megan a Fire tablet for kids, that comes with a nifty rubber protective case to keep it safe. Timmy and Ryan received one for Christmas, as did I. I love mine and use it constantly, mostly to read books, but I like playing a few games on it too.

When we got Megan hers, I needed to set it up for her, and I somehow linked hers with mine so that she has all my books on hers. I knew I should have had Caitlin handle this for me, but I really thought I could do this simple task. I still haven’t gotten the time to take it to her to fix this mess for me.

This morning I discovered that not only does she have all my downloaded books, but Megan has discovered the camera on hers. Oh boy, did she ever discover that camera!

She got ahold of Caity’s camera once years ago and when I used it and then loaded the photos on my laptop, it loaded everything on the camera, including a bazillion and a half photos of Megan’s TV, herself, her dollhouse, her dollhouse people….you just don’t know how big that particular day’s folder was due to all her pics! It was about 813 photos or something!

Anyhoo, here is what I discovered amongst the 106 photos and videos she took the other day:

Her lovely face. Or, um, part of it.

She gave one of the videos a name, which just might be written in Swahili or some other language. Hey, we’ve been Pentecostal before; maybe she was speaking in tongues. At any rate, Megan named one of the videos Ggfghjggddfhjt. Ghhjuuyggjjkkn. Yiiiiyoojjjmjhhgffiklm. Yifjjhb. And she added some smileys for good measure. ;-)

This particular lady, I’ve noticed in her play, has always been the one with bandages on her, and Megan always says she broke her leg. I’m wondering if she has Munchhausen syndrome…

So Megan took many pics of her people singularly…

...and then come all the photos of multiples.

I’ve come to learn one particular thing about Megan’s dollhouse through all these photos: it’s very dirty, and that is my basting brush that went missing!

And that is the salt shaker! Jimmy Buffet doesn’t have to wonder anymore...his shaker of salt is in Megan’s dollhouse! ;-D