Sunday, March 6, 2016

Beauty and the Beast

Megan and I have some of the funniest conversations. And they can be about anything at all. Yesterday she came to me with a large coloring page she had colored for me, depicting Beauty and the Beast’s Belle. I exclaimed over the good coloring job and the pretty colors.

And tried desperately to hold it together when I saw that instead of coloring Belle’s irises blue, she had colored the whites of her eyes blue. Omgoodness, it looks so funny!

So anyhoo, I asked her about the picture to let her know I appreciate the sweet things she does, like coloring pages to make people happy. And in this little exchange, I was once again made aware of the limits of Megan’s understanding. 

Me: So, this is Belle, right?

Megan: Yeah, it’s Beww. (Belle)

Me: And Belle is from Beauty and the Beast?

Megan: Yep. Beauty an’ da Beast. 

Me, pointing to the horse: That’s the Beast?

Megan: No, no, dat’s da howrse. 

Me, pointing to Belle: Okay, but this is definitely Beauty, right?

Megan, laughing: No, dat’s Beww.

Me, laughing: Well I know that’s Belle, but she’s the “Beauty” part of Beauty and the Beast, right?

Megan: MUMMY! Dat’s Beww. Hewr name is Beww! 

Me: I know her name. Beast is the animal guy in the movie, right? <Megan nods> So she’s named Belle, but she’s also the Beauty….

Megan’s eyes go wide with pretend indignation and frustration.

Megan: Oh stop it! 

She stalks out of the room, giggling and putting on an air of one who has to bear up under much frustration with her parental unit. 

And while I’m reminded of the limits to her understanding, I’m also reminded again of the pure, sweet innocence of Megan, that simple essence of joy within her that never fails to touch my heart anew. And everyone around her.  

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