Sunday, November 22, 2015

A Tale of Groceries and Tacos

So, I’m in the kitchen making lunch: sandwiches, and cucumber spears and baby carrots with dressing to dip them in. Ryan and Timmy were jostling each other, saying ridiculous things to each other, then laughing too loudly, and generally being a pain in the butt. I shooed them out of the kitchen and continued making the meal.

Megan sat at the table across from me, sorting through a bunch of canned goods and food products that were graciously given to us by angels at a local church for Thanksgiving.

She asked me if I wanted her to put them in a couple plastic grocery bags to get them off the table, and I said yes, so she picked each one up and placed it in the bags, exclaiming as she came to certain ones.

“Ooooo! Mum, look! Now you can make tacos!”

I laugh and tell her that’s cranberry sauce.

“Mummy! Beets!!!”

Well, in her defense, the slices of jellied cranberry sauce *do* look like beets. ;-)

A few cans later….”See Mummy, da stuff fowr tacos, it’s aww made!”

I tell her that’s lentils-something-or-other, and she says, “Oh, okay.”

Everything’s in the bags when she picks up one last item.

“MUMMY!!!! Now you can make TACOS!!!”

Yes, Megan, now I can make tacos. ;)

And yes, I did use a cucumber as a prop. :-D

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