Friday, October 30, 2015

What Will a Day Bring?

You just never know what a day will bring. Some days something tragic happens, and you’re dealing with grief and sadness. Some days a surprising blessing will happen, and you’re sharing your joy and happiness with others.

And then there are days when…..well, let’s just say the randomness and funniness of it just makes you bust up in laughter, endorphins abounding.  

Megan just came to me where I’m watching a show in the bedroom and held her hand out. I put my hand out, palm up, and she dropped something into it. 

It was a toenail. 

Me: Oh, hmmmmm…..

Megan: It’s my toenail. 

Me: I see.

Megan: It was too long.

She hoists her leg up on the end of my bed and pulls at one of her piggies, to show me the offending nail, now cropped. 

Me: So you pulled it off?

Megan: Yeah. It’s shawrp now.

She puts her leg down and we both look at the toenail in my hand.

Me: Did you want me to have this?

Megan: Yeah. 

Me: Okay. Thank you. 

Megan: Can I have a buwwito fowr a snack? 

Me: Sure, go ahead.

And with that, she went to the kitchen to heat her snack in the microwave. 

You just never know what a day will bring you. Some days, it might just be….a toenail. ;-) 

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