Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Fog, Leaves, and Spider Webs

So, this morning Megan and I had an extra long wait for her bus to go to Program. We went out at 7, the appointed time, but many times the bus is a minute or two late, no biggie. While waiting, we were commenting on how foggy it was. 

Me: Megan, go stand over there so I can take a picture of the fog and you. 

Megan, with a mock sigh: Oh alwight.

It was so foggy, I’m thinking, And I’m sending my baby out into this abyss???

So Megan stood where I told her to, and looked at me, gritting her teeth together and smiling. Well, it was more like a grimace.

"Dis is not a snile. Ny face froze like dis," she said. 

That’s a line from the movie See Spot Run, when Michael Clarke Duncan was so frozen his face was set in a smile, and he spoke without moving his lips. 

As I sat back down on the porch swing, Megan looked at the lawn and started fussing. “Wook at what he did!” 

I ask what, and she points to a miniscule pile of leaves, slightly separated from the other three trillion leaves all over the lawn.

“Timmy! He messed it up.I wowked hawd on dat.” 

I told her I was sorry, trying not to laugh because the entire lawn is covered with leaves,  and she sat back down on the chair on the porch. Within minutes, her bus comes from the wrong direction and sails past us. We both watched with furrowed brows, wondering what’s going on. 

I said that maybe he was going around the block so he’d be coming from the usual direction, so the door is on our side and Megan wouldn’t have to cross the street to get on. 

Megan agreed and then pointed out a spider web in the corner of the porch. 

Me: Oh, cool, look at that!

Megan: Makes me want to wip it down.

Me: Megan, why? That spider worked hard on that web.

Megan: He did, he kweated it. 

Me: Then why do you want to rip it down?

Megan, with a horrified face: Because it’s kweepin’ me out. 

I gave up on trying not to laugh and just let loose with it. 

Then her bus came up the road from the usual direction and stopped in front of our house. As Megan climbed aboard, I heard a woman say hello to Megan and explain that the man driving was new and learning the route. 

And after buckling herself in, Megan and I did our wave: a hearty wave and then “I Love You” in sign language.

The spider spun a line of web going from the corner of the porch down to the bush. I’m pretty sure they use this as a zipline for fun when they’re bored with making webs. ;) 

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