Thursday, August 20, 2015

Of Sickness, School, and New Opportunities

Things have been pretty busy here in our home, as they always are. My writing for Home & School Mosaics has ended, as the two lovely ladies who founded the website several years ago needed to move on to other pursuits in their lives. I’m grateful for the opportunity to write for them the past one and a half years. I feel I’ve grown so much through that wonderful experience.

But new adventures await me, as I’ve been given another gracious opportunity to write for my friend Meg’s blog, This Big Happy! I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. Hopefully I’ll be worthy to read. ;) You can read my first article there, The Battle of the Fruit Flies, Part Deux

Meanwhile, I’ll still be here with ECDS and the sister site, The Magic Meal Fairy. Hopefully someday I’ll also realize my dream of writing children’s picture books for the whimsical poems I write. <dreamy sigh>

So anyhoo, I started this week with a summer cold and then added an intestinal virus that was two obnoxious days long. And for good measure, I woke up today with sciatica that is so painful, I’m about ready to rip that dang nerve out of my body and…and…well I don’t know what I’d do with it, but it would be noteworthy! Grrrrrr….

The big news here at our house is that Ryan and Timmy started school yesterday. We had gotten their haircuts last week, thankfully with a coupon from Walmart that saved us $12. We were able to purchase school clothes and sneakers for them thanks to a program our local clothing bank, Walmart, and several churches and organizations sponsor. We are so appreciative of that.

And because of getting their new digs, I decided we needed to go through all their clothing and thin the herd. You just *know* I got a lot of eye rolls about that from Ryan and Timmy. But a big incentive for them to help was that I refused to let them have their new clothes and shoes until we did that. Yep, score one for Mean Mommy. ;)

School supply lists were on the city school website for Timmy, but not for Ryan. The open house for all schools was Monday, which is when I became overly attached to my bathroom, developing an extra special affection for the toilet in particular. On Tuesday, even though I was still battling with my innards, I had  no choice but to go to the schools and get paperwork, as their first day was yesterday.

And after traipsing all over that high school, which seems like a mini-city all its own, we managed to get a list of supplies that Ryan needed, just in the nick of time. Caitlin, my lovely daughter, sweetly and thoughtfully bought the boys’ school supplies. Another blessing for which I am so thankful! 

So yesterday I got The Three up, Megan, Ryan, and Timotheus, at 6 a.m. and we started another year of Ryan off at 7, Timmy off at 7:45, and Megan off to “Pwogwam” at 7 on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Another year of Phil and I having much of the day alone two days a week, up until Megan gets home around 1:00 or so. Whatever will we do with ourselves???

I’ll never tell. ;) 


  1. I'm so glad God brought us together through HM. I can't imagine my life without you (and that's the truth!)

    1. Omgoodness, that is the sweetest thing! I'm so glad He did too! You've been one of the best things about writing for HM. <3 The good thing is that even though HM is stopping, our friendship isn't. I have Meg to thank too; she's the one who told me about the review opportunity back in 2013. :)