Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kids Are So Weird

Kids are SO weird.

Timmy had been begging for xbox live for months, and we said no over and over. Until one day, after he had once again shown his willingness to help out around the house, and had at times gone above and beyond what was asked of him, we felt he deserved something to show him that we appreciate his attitude and willingness.

So yes, we bought him a year long card for it, though I went on Amazon and got it for 25% less than the regular price. 

Yes we know about the dangers out there of communicating with strangers, and no it’s not up for discussion with anyone; we’ve been parenting for 64 years between us so I think we’re able to decide about and handle this. We had talks with Timmy and he hasn’t broken any of our cardinal rules for using it.

So anyhoo, he’s been happily playing with his friends and sister Caity for months now. She tells me the funny things he does, like singing on and on while he plays. She and I have discussed how he’s very bossy on it; I’ve always said he’s a leader, not a follower. Sometimes we wonder why anyone plays with him, as bossy as he is, but they do. I guess someone has to be in charge on the missions they carry out in the games.

One night, it was rather late and I wanted something from the kitchen. Everyone else was asleep, but Timmy was in a chair in front of the TV, the room dark but for the glow of the television. 

The kitchen was also dark with only the small light above the sink. As I stepped through the doorway and was opposite the living room doorway where Timmy was visible, I hear him say, “Someone’s behind you.”

I almost jumped out of my skin! I just about peed myself in fright! 

I looked over at Timmy to finally see the microphone ear set on his head, and then he directed someone to go somewhere. 

He was playing xbox live….calm as could be, while I just had ten years shaved off my life. 

This xbox live came with no warnings about these kinds of dangerous shenanigans. They should. They’re like very bad side effects on a medication!

So today I walked past the living room and down the hallway to the kitchen and Timotheus was playing on the game again, head set in place.

Timmy: Jeremy, you have to *tell* me when you die.

Me: Timothy…<in that authoritative voice, eyebrows raised>

He looks up at me expectantly, waiting for a rebuke for being bossy.

Me: Dead men tell no tales.

He looks at me quizzically, eyebrows furrowed, as if I just sprouted another set of eyes on my head (wouldn’t that come in handy?) and goes back to his game without responding. 

I know what he’s thinking inside that small curly-haired head of his… 

Parents are SO weird. 

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