Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I See Funder!

“I see funder!”

Megan has uttered these words so many times over the years, but they never cease to make us laugh. Not only because of the childish mispronunciation, but because we all know if she's seeing thunder, there’s definitely a criss-cross of thunder’s properties or her  sensory skills.

Megan has always been fascinated by the weather. She’ll watch The Weather Channel for hours and then warn us of the dire conditions about to weave chaos and trauma in our little patch of earth.

Megan: Mummy! <eyes wide and stern look> Guess what’s happenin’???

Me: What? 

Megan: Dare’s a stowm comin’! 

Me: It’s just a little rain, it’s not bad. 

Megan: Day said dares a townado comin’.

Me: Well, it might be that someone is getting a tornado, but it’s not us.

Megan: No, weally, it’s a townado fret! 

That’s how it goes. And every day, she asks me at least 459 times to look at the clouds because it looks like rain. Even on a sunny, clear-blue-sky day. 

Today Megan went out on the porch for a few minutes, and while she was out there, it started raining. It really was raining quite hard. 

She came in and sat down in the kitchen while I made lunch, saying,” It’s poowin’ out. I got soaked!” 

I looked over at her and saw she had nary a drop on her, and went back to the grilled cheese.

Megan, looking seriously mournful: I almost got hit by lightnin’! 

Me: Meg, I don’t think so.

Megan: I weally did. If I got hit by lightnin’ and died, would you be sad?

Me: Oh Megan! Of course I would! I wouldn’t be able to go on! But that’s not going to happen. 

I went to her at the table and hugged her tight. The thought of  any of my children dying, even if it’s not even remotely plausible, makes powerfully desperate emotions surge through me like a tidal wave. 

So I held on tight, hugging Megan extra long. 

And then her head popped up.

“OOOOOP!! I see funder!” 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Of Sickness, School, and New Opportunities

Things have been pretty busy here in our home, as they always are. My writing for Home & School Mosaics has ended, as the two lovely ladies who founded the website several years ago needed to move on to other pursuits in their lives. I’m grateful for the opportunity to write for them the past one and a half years. I feel I’ve grown so much through that wonderful experience.

But new adventures await me, as I’ve been given another gracious opportunity to write for my friend Meg’s blog, This Big Happy! I can’t tell you how excited I am about that. Hopefully I’ll be worthy to read. ;) You can read my first article there, The Battle of the Fruit Flies, Part Deux

Meanwhile, I’ll still be here with ECDS and the sister site, The Magic Meal Fairy. Hopefully someday I’ll also realize my dream of writing children’s picture books for the whimsical poems I write. <dreamy sigh>

So anyhoo, I started this week with a summer cold and then added an intestinal virus that was two obnoxious days long. And for good measure, I woke up today with sciatica that is so painful, I’m about ready to rip that dang nerve out of my body and…and…well I don’t know what I’d do with it, but it would be noteworthy! Grrrrrr….

The big news here at our house is that Ryan and Timmy started school yesterday. We had gotten their haircuts last week, thankfully with a coupon from Walmart that saved us $12. We were able to purchase school clothes and sneakers for them thanks to a program our local clothing bank, Walmart, and several churches and organizations sponsor. We are so appreciative of that.

And because of getting their new digs, I decided we needed to go through all their clothing and thin the herd. You just *know* I got a lot of eye rolls about that from Ryan and Timmy. But a big incentive for them to help was that I refused to let them have their new clothes and shoes until we did that. Yep, score one for Mean Mommy. ;)

School supply lists were on the city school website for Timmy, but not for Ryan. The open house for all schools was Monday, which is when I became overly attached to my bathroom, developing an extra special affection for the toilet in particular. On Tuesday, even though I was still battling with my innards, I had  no choice but to go to the schools and get paperwork, as their first day was yesterday.

And after traipsing all over that high school, which seems like a mini-city all its own, we managed to get a list of supplies that Ryan needed, just in the nick of time. Caitlin, my lovely daughter, sweetly and thoughtfully bought the boys’ school supplies. Another blessing for which I am so thankful! 

So yesterday I got The Three up, Megan, Ryan, and Timotheus, at 6 a.m. and we started another year of Ryan off at 7, Timmy off at 7:45, and Megan off to “Pwogwam” at 7 on Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Another year of Phil and I having much of the day alone two days a week, up until Megan gets home around 1:00 or so. Whatever will we do with ourselves???

I’ll never tell. ;) 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Kids Are So Weird

Kids are SO weird.

Timmy had been begging for xbox live for months, and we said no over and over. Until one day, after he had once again shown his willingness to help out around the house, and had at times gone above and beyond what was asked of him, we felt he deserved something to show him that we appreciate his attitude and willingness.

So yes, we bought him a year long card for it, though I went on Amazon and got it for 25% less than the regular price. 

Yes we know about the dangers out there of communicating with strangers, and no it’s not up for discussion with anyone; we’ve been parenting for 64 years between us so I think we’re able to decide about and handle this. We had talks with Timmy and he hasn’t broken any of our cardinal rules for using it.

So anyhoo, he’s been happily playing with his friends and sister Caity for months now. She tells me the funny things he does, like singing on and on while he plays. She and I have discussed how he’s very bossy on it; I’ve always said he’s a leader, not a follower. Sometimes we wonder why anyone plays with him, as bossy as he is, but they do. I guess someone has to be in charge on the missions they carry out in the games.

One night, it was rather late and I wanted something from the kitchen. Everyone else was asleep, but Timmy was in a chair in front of the TV, the room dark but for the glow of the television. 

The kitchen was also dark with only the small light above the sink. As I stepped through the doorway and was opposite the living room doorway where Timmy was visible, I hear him say, “Someone’s behind you.”

I almost jumped out of my skin! I just about peed myself in fright! 

I looked over at Timmy to finally see the microphone ear set on his head, and then he directed someone to go somewhere. 

He was playing xbox live….calm as could be, while I just had ten years shaved off my life. 

This xbox live came with no warnings about these kinds of dangerous shenanigans. They should. They’re like very bad side effects on a medication!

So today I walked past the living room and down the hallway to the kitchen and Timotheus was playing on the game again, head set in place.

Timmy: Jeremy, you have to *tell* me when you die.

Me: Timothy…<in that authoritative voice, eyebrows raised>

He looks up at me expectantly, waiting for a rebuke for being bossy.

Me: Dead men tell no tales.

He looks at me quizzically, eyebrows furrowed, as if I just sprouted another set of eyes on my head (wouldn’t that come in handy?) and goes back to his game without responding. 

I know what he’s thinking inside that small curly-haired head of his… 

Parents are SO weird. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Of Laptops, Phones, and Cameras

So, I’ve had a fun two weeks. I was just writing up a post for The Magic Meal Fairy, my sister site for food and cooking, and so glad to be able to do so.

You see, I’ve had a teensy bit of trouble lately….the techno-gods have been looking down on me unfavorably and working overtime in my life. 

It all started on a Tuesday morning when I woke up, fired up my laptop, and discovered that I couldn’t get internet. All day I explored what could be the problem, trying everything in my nonexistent geek arsenal to fix this. 

Since it happened after a Windows “critical update,” I did a system restore to before that point. No luck. 

To make a long story short, I did so many system restores and then undo’s that I’m not sure they all evened out (the undo’s to the restores). I restarted my computer countless times. I was pretty sure all I needed was a Wi-fi adapter, but no one else was sure, so we kept up with trying things for over a week, to no avail.

So, while going without internet, which meant I couldn’t put up any blog posts because my photos and docs are on my laptop…Phil’s cell phone broke. Or died. Or….I have no idea, it was working one day and not working the next. 

I got on the horn and called the company to deal with it, and after going through several things, the woman with the heavy foreign accent said she’d send out a new SID card for it. It would take 7 to 10 days. Oy. 

And then, after the new SID card came for the phone, and before my laptop was fixed for internet, it happened….

My camera, my measly little Canon Powershot that I’ve had for 5 years and has served me well and that I rely on so much for my blogs, slid off the bedside table and right into a cup of grape drink. <sigh>

Months and months ago, while driving somewhere, my phone dove off the seat and took a swim in a cup of grape drink. It was in a bed of rice for months and never recovered. 

I’m thinking the moral of this story is don’t buy grape drink ever again. At least that’s what I wish I could do to keep these things from happening. ;) 

So anyhoo, I took out the battery and memory card from my camera and laid them all to rest in a coffin of rice. I said some prayers over it and laid a rose on top, then changed out of my mourning clothes. 

Three days later I tried out the camera, but alas, it’s still not working. Hoping, praying the memory card was okay because it had new photos I hadn’t yet loaded onto my laptop, I took it and inserted it into that skinny little opening I didn’t even know I had on my laptop, and it worked. 

It loaded the 7 new photos onto my laptop. Along with 1,806 old ones that were still on the card from the past three years. I wish I were kidding, but I'm not. There is now a folder with 1,813 photos in it for the date of 8/1/2015. 

I guess we’ll see what happens with the camera; it might be that I have to get a new one somehow. 

But on the bright side, after almost 2 weeks of  trying to fix my laptop’s internet problems, including spending a day plugged into a cable for internet so I could do a live chat with someone from Asus, it was finally determined that my internal network driver was *not* even the problem; the Wi-fi card was dead, and all I had to do was get a new card or a wireless network adapter thingy. 

Which I did, and I plugged it into one of the USB ports and voilá! I was online again! 

And here I am again, so thankful to have the cell phone working again and be able to get online. I’m not sure what will become of my poor camera, if it will recover from its grape drink overdose or not.

In the meantime, I may go ask a priest to toss some holy water my way. But with my luck, it'll probably bounce off and my car will break down or something. ;)