Sunday, May 24, 2015

Of Teeth and Oranges and Megan

I reheated some noodles and stew for lunch, and Megan chattered away.

Megan: Can I have a owange too-ooo?

Me: yes, go ahead.

The kids have been wicked into oranges lately.

Megan, passing the orange from hand to hand, starts singing: Hot orange, hot orange! (like hot potato)

The microwave beeps, signaling her food is ready. I pull the bowl out and place it in front of her.

Me: Okay, yours is done.

Megan: Meat.....what for dinner! <giggling, imitating that old commercial>

Me: You silly. :)

Megan: You want my beef?

Me: No, honey, I'm having some.

Megan: Okay, I eat it. I have canine teef back dare to chew wiv. <points at her molars>

Me, laughing: Nope, those are your molars. Your canines are closer to the front. 

Megan: Den I’ll use dem to whip (rip) apart my owange! <giggling more>

Me: Okay….<laughing>…okay. Eat your food. 

It all comes back around to the orange. Did you see what I did there? Around to the orange….aROUND to the orange…..oranges are round….oh well, Megan’s funnier than I am. ;) 

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