Friday, May 15, 2015

Breaking Wind ;)

Are farts okay to talk about? If not, why not? They’re a natural part of our bodies and everyday life, and let’s face it, setting aside the smell factor, farts can make you laugh. 

Even the names for farts are funny, and there are quite a few: gas, air biscuit, toot, booty belch, panty burp, just to name a few.

So, this afternoon I’ve been inundated with someone’s “fire in the hole!”

Except for the storm, it's been pretty quiet, as only Phil, Megan, and I are home. I’m trying to write, and Megan comes into my room because she doesn’t like the “funder,” as she calls it. 

A long loud fart erupts. Megan giggles. 

I'm trying not to breathe, hiding my face in my top. Man, that stinks!

It’s soon followed by what sounds like a motor cycle peeling out of a parking lot. Megan’s busting up laughing, and I am too. I mean, yeah it smells awful, but the sound is so funny I can’t help it.

“Megan, what in the world did you eat??”

A minute goes by and I can see her straining, giggling softly. 

"Megan, you'd better be careful, you'll poop in your undies!" I warn her.

She giggles, and soon another big drawn out toot emerges from her back end. 

She laughs hysterically as I protest and hide in my shirt again. 

“Megan! Your rump roast stinks!!”

Megan bursts out with belly laughs, and then quiets down.

Within seconds I hear, "Pull my finger!" 

No, Megan. Just no. I choose life.

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