Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Caity's Birthday 2015

So, my lovely daughter Caitlin had a birthday 2 days ago, on Sunday. I can’t believe she’s 24 already. Time sure flies amazingly fast! 

We always take the birthday person out for lunch, as close to the birthday as possible, but it also depends on everyone’s schedule. Caity wanted to go to the Chinese buffet we like, so we went there the day before her birthday. 

The actual day of her birthday, Caitlin was so tired because her job is working the night shift as an EMT, and she didn’t work the night before, but she has trouble sleeping at night on her days off. So she slept most of her birthday, and she had to go to work that night.

But before she left for work, we gave her the presents we had for her, and I captured this event in pictures.

Megan gave her a case with small Disney princess pictures to color with the mini markers that came with it. Even if we let Megan buy something, she always finds something in her stuff to give too. 

She wrapped it in packing paper and sealed it--tight!--with a few miles of medical tape. 

Caity wanted this, the season 1 set of Orange is the New Black television show. Obviously she was happy!

Next came a set of headphones for her gaming system, which she had been wanting. 

Megan also gave some pictures from the set she had given Caity, already colored. She always gives the birthday person something she’s colored or drawn, and we expect it. ;)

The last present in the bag is a movie Caitlin had bought Megan back in 2013. On my birthday 3 months ago, Megan had wrapped it up and given it to me as a present. Then a week later, on Christmas, she wrapped it and gave it to Timmy! (Christmas 2014)

So you can see Caity was very amused when she unwrapped it and discovered what it was. 

And of course, she had to do a rabbit ears pose with it. ;)  (The Rabbiteer)

A few minutes later, Caitlin left for her night shift, hopefully a little happier for the gifts and fun of her birthday.

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