Tuesday, March 31, 2015

A Conversation With Megan #3

Last month, I made pizza for supper with Megan, on her birthday. It’s always good cooking with my kids, but I can guarantee you that with Megan it’s always funny, too.

She loves helping chop veggies, grate cheese, and spread the sauce on the dough. Yes, it takes a little longer, but you know, the bonding and strengthening of ties that happens when you’re working together…you can’t put a price on that. 

Besides, we always end up laughing. ;)

Me: Okay, let’s put the cheese on.

Megan: You know what? I love you!

Me: Oh Megan, I love you too!

Megan: Dis is the best birfday ever!

Me: I’m glad you liked it.

Megan: Dis birfday ROCKS! <fist pump>

I’m laughing too much to say anything. I seriously think we need a USB port in our heads, so we can videotape things we see. We’d have a flash drive in it, and when ready, upload it to our computers and to Facebook, of course. ;) 

We move on to distributing the chicken to the pizza. We made my Buffalo Chicken Pizza (recipe is here on my cooking/food blog, The Magic Meal Fairy), so I had doused the chicken in hot sauce about 10 minutes earlier. 

Me: Okay, let’s try to make sure we don’t leave any big empty spaces. 

Megan: Okayyyy, mudder! <giggles>

Me: We’ll just use our hands like we did with the cheese.

We get all the chicken on the pizza and I wash my hand off, but Megan just wiped her hand with a towel.

Megan: My hand smells like buffalo chicken! 

Me: Oh really? Do you have an urge to dip it in bleu cheese dressing?

Megan: Yes I do-oo!! <giggles> 

We get the pizza into the oven and set the timer. I’m ready to go sit for a little bit, and as I turn to walk out of the kitchen:

Megan: On my next birfday, I’m gonna be 28! I want a new dollhouse. And some new people. And….

Yes, the usual ending to Megan’s birfday. ;) 

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