Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Lunch Out Alone

So Philip and I had a rare opportunity yesterday. Ryan and Timmy went off to school, Megan went to her Program, and we were alone. ALONE. As in, the children were not home, but we were. And though Caity did come home from work sometime after she got off at 8 this morning, she’s 24 and obviously doesn’t need our supervision.
As a matter of fact, she can supervise others…

So we arranged to go out for lunch and shopping, and she agreed to be available for Timmy when he got home from school at 3:30, so we could enjoy lunch and shopping at our leisure.

So we did.

And we didn’t just go to McDonald’s or Hardee’s or Wendy’s. Nope, we wanted a nice sit down meal. I wanted steak, since it’s been at least a year and a half since I’ve had it, and Phil was in the mood for some shrimp. 

And my favorite place for tender steak is Applebee’s. So that is where we went. And we had THE best restaurant experience. 

After much consideration, Phil and I decided to go with one of those 2 entrees for $20 deals that comes with either side salads or an appetizer to share. 

We chose the appetizer, and got the boneless chicken wings with sweet spicy Asian sauce. It was delicious and good gravy marie, did that ever have a kick to it! I kept taking a sip of my ice water and letting it roll around on the tip of my tongue before swallowing!

Our waitress was super. We always get water just because it’s free, and for myself, the few times I’ve gotten a soda, I don’t usually finish it.  We hadn’t mentioned money, just that we rarely get a meal out like this, and we have kids, so we were trying to make the best choice. 

I guess Courtney, our waitress, realized it was partly a money issue. So she said she wanted to buy us a soda, no charge to us! I didn’t get one because I really don’t drink soda much and have to be in the mood for it, but Phil took her up on it. 

Phil got the double crunchy shrimp that came with fries, cole slaw, tartar sauce, and cocktail sauce. He loves shrimp, and it was good. He gave me a shrimp and I gave him a bite of steak.

I had the steak, rare, and added on the parmesan shrimp for $1.99 more. My steak was tender and delicious. I asked for broccoli and the mashed potatoes. Okay, if we’re going to go out for a nice sit down meal, we’re going all out--I got butter and sour cream on the mashed potatoes! 

When we were finished eating, Courtney came and got the bill for us, and asked Phil if he wanted a soda to go. He said yes, and she turned to me and said, “Would you like a tea or soda? I’ll take care of it, if you do.” So she got a diet Pepsi for me. 

We had such a nice experience, and Courtney was just the best: very friendly, very patient when we could barely decide what we wanted, came often enough to check on us to make us feel she took her job seriously but not too much to be annoying, and talked with us about our kids and hers. She happened to mention that her husband is out of work, they have 3 kids, and Monday was their anniversary. They couldn’t afford to go out for it, but a friend bought them each a big slice of pizza from a place they like. 

She was so likable and we appreciated how she went out of her way for us, we gave her a $10 tip. Maybe she and her husband will be able to get themselves a little something special. Even little things can make a difference and brighten up life. Phil and I know that very well. :) 

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