Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Two Days a Week

Getting the kids off to school isn’t a big deal. After all, Ryan and Timmy are 14 and 11 and fairly self-sufficient. They get up about an hour before they have to walk out of the house, do what they have to do, and then leave.

But on Wednesdays and Fridays now, Megan goes to her program, so getting The Three off to their respective places to be gets a little more hectic. This is a little look at what a typical morning is like on those days.

6:00 a.m. My phone alarm goes off. Almost every day, I’ve been awake for hours before this. I get Ryan up by turning on the light in his and Timmy’s room halfway (it’s one of those dimmer lights) and telling him it’s time.

Go through to Megan’s room and get her up. She turns on her TV and starts getting dressed.

6:05 Ryan hops in the shower. Since he’s turned 14, he’s gotten so protective of his privacy, and locks the door. Speaking of privacy, when Ryan was little he called his privates his “pirate parts.” And we concluded that at times he must want his “piracy.” Arg, me matey! ;) 

6:15 I’m on my laptop or reading or whatever, but I go in and tell Megan she needs to make sure she’s ready. 

I go get her morning meds and put them at the table for her and get her a glass of water to take them. I run through what she needs to take with her on a Wednesday: they go out to a soup kitchen for lunch, and usually go into the community to stores or the mall or the library. No lunch needs to be packed, but I make sure she has a bottle of water and a snack like granola bars and applesauce. I usually give her a dollar and change to get a soda while out. 

6:25 Ryan finally emerges from the bathroom, which is steamed up like a sauna. He has combed his hair and shaped it into the Bieber-do he insists on, at least elevendy-nine  times. 

6:30 I go back to Megan’s room where she’s moving quick as a garden slug and remind her that she needs to get going. “I’m all set!” she tells me. And she finally comes out of her room fully dressed, shoes on, toting her backpack. 

I go in and tell Timmy to wake up. He’s totally under his blankets. No, there is not a sheet on his mattress; he refuses to use one. I’m not making a battle about using a sheet on his bed.

6:35 I’ve made Megan some hot cereal for breakfast and she eats after she’s fiddled around for the past 5 minutes. ;)

Ryan gets himself a couple bowls of cold cereal. Sometimes I make him 3 fried eggs and some toast, but many mornings he just wants cold cereal. 

6:40 I go back to Timmy, who hasn’t moved a millimeter, and tell him again it’s time to get up for school. “Don’t make me sing to you!”

Then I break out in one of the songs I made up when my girls were little. 

 ♫ Wake up! Wake up!
Wake up and face the world!
It’s time to get up!
Get up and face the world! ♫

This time he moves a little. He looks for clean clothes that he was supposed to have gotten ready the night before, and heads into the shower.

Yes, I’m tracking the Elusive Timotheus, but he’s behind closed doors. Ryan has started calling me Stalker. 

6:45 I do Megan’s hair while she’s finishing breakfast. She got a new hair bow last night on clearance and wants to wear it today.

Ryan spends his time waiting for his time to go by playing his favorite game on his iPod.

6:55 Ryan goes into the bathroom to comb and check his hair AGAIN, even though he insists on wearing a hoodie all day with the hood on.

6:58 I check on Megan again, who is washing her glasses. I tell her again she needs to be ready and sitting on the stairs because her bus comes at 7.

Timmy exits the bathroom all shiny clean and looking sharp as only my little brown boy can. 

7:00 I tell Ryan the time and tell him he needs to go out for the bus. He argues with me that it won’t come this early.

Megan is finally ready and at the door, which I stand by and look out every minute because it has a small window too high up for me to see through. 

7:03 I tell Ryan he needs to get out that door, so he stands by it. Yes, he is wearing shorts and it’s only 20° out.

7:04 Megan’s bus arrives and she hugs me and goes out to it. I stand in the doorway to make sure she’s seated and buckled before the driver moves that bus. She waves at me and tells me “I love you” in sign language. 

7:05 Ryan is finally heeding my direction to go wait for his bus, which comes within seconds.

7:10 Meanwhile, Timmy spends his time before the bus playing video games, unless he’s in trouble and has lost TV privileges. In that case he reads. He eats cereal, almost always without milk (even corn flakes!), and this morning he’s using a food storage container because my boys are loathe to wash a dish when they’re all dirty. Seriously, it probably took him longer to dig through the Plastic Jungle than it would have for him to wash a cereal bowl.

And yes, that room is messy, but it’s one room I refuse to clean. The boys are in charge of it. My room was always messy when I was growing up too. ;)

7:37 Timmy gets his backpack and heads off to wait across the street for his bus, which comes at 7:43 precisely. 

And finally, all is quiet…until Ryan comes home at 3:00, Timmy at 3:30, and Megan at 4:45. ;)

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