Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Megan's Birthday 2015

So, another year has passed since Megan’s last birthday. Sunday was the big event, and I thought I’d share it with you in pictures. It was a wonderful day for her, and I’m glad for that because I always want my children to have special memories of their birthdays.

The day began with donuts, including heart shaped ones! 

Megan was so excited to get a sketch pad and big pack of colored pencils from Caitlin.

Phil and I got her some baby clothes for her baby doll that Caity had given her for Christmas. Yes, real baby clothes, because they’re at least half the cost of doll clothes!

She also got the Guess Who game and two puzzles which are more than the 100 pc that she’s used to (to challenge her, and I’ll help!).

Megan wanted to thank everyone by giving them a hug. You can see the amount of restraint Timmy had to use to tamp down his abundance of joy about it. ;)

Caity, of course, has no problem hugging for a photo; it gives her a chance to make a goofy face for the camera.

Ryan acquiesced halfheartedly to a shoulder hug, but used his ever-present hood to hide his face from the camera.

After lunch we sang happy birthday to Megan with her cake. I used 6 candles from a bag containing candles from birthdays past, and unbeknownst to me, two of them were relighting candles. One of them relighted 5 or 6 times. You can see by the expression on Megan’s face how she felt as we sang to her, then how she felt about the two candles that kept relighting, and finally they stopped and we could cut the cake. ;)

Click to enlarge. :-) 

We took her out for her special birthday lunch yesterday since it was the only day that worked with everyone’s schedules. She chose the Chinese buffet we like and we stuffed ourselves silly.

Afterwards, we went to Walmart to exchange the clothes we had given her for her baby doll. The newborn size was just too big, but the premie sleepers fit perfectly. Last night Megan wanted me to hold my grand-doll with the new sleeper on. I held her close and Megan piped up, “Mummy, don’t bweastfeed her!” 

Then she giggled, took her baby back, and went to bed. <3 

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