Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Demise of Midge the Fridge

Well, all the micky mousing in the world couldn't save old Midge the Fridge. She was 27 years old, which translates to 153.9 in human years. 

I’m not making this up. Based on the average life expectancy of a human being in North America and the average length of time you can expect a refrigerator to last, Midge topped out at 153.9 years old in human years.

Dang, that’s OLD! Can you imagine living to that age? It’s not a ripe old age, it’s more like a moldy, unidentifiable, science-experiment-in-the-fridge old age! 

So yeah, Midge was old, past ready to be put out to pasture. We’ve been limping along the past 2 years with her, but we kept on, Phil working miracles time and again to keep her going. 

Unfortunately, she was just beyond repair, and life support needed to be removed. It was a tough decision, but we had to pull the plug.  

They came for her today. The morticians. They were big burly men who were dressed in chipper red vests. They kind of reminded me of delivery men from someplace like Lowes or something.

But I know they really were the morticians come to take Midge to her final resting place. I think it was Sunny View Junk Yard. I don’t want to think about that right now, imagining her sitting there all forlorn and exposed, with her door off. <shudders>

So let’s talk about the new fridge that now sits in Midge’s spot. She’s been here for less than an hour, but she seems to be content, for she’s quietly humming. 

And the way she lights up when I open her doors…that shows me that she’s happy to be a new member of our family. ;)

Megan and I had emptied Midge earlier, and we worked together to go through everything in the boxes and laundry baskets we used and put everything into the new fridge, deciding what should go where.

It’s a slightly different setup in the new one, but we worked it all out. And even though we had one space that seemed it might not be usable at all due to it being only about 3 inches high, we did discover what could go there: tortilla wraps! They are a regular member of our diet, and fit perfectly right there! 

“What a perfectly appointed little cubby!” ~Mrs. Doubtfire

So here we are, the new fridge in and running, and no more worrying if we’ll be losing food. We’re very thankful. 

And looking for a name for the new member of the appliance family. Hey, people name their cars all the time, so don’t be hatin’ on a sistah who names just about everything. I’ll be thinking on a name in the next few weeks, and let you know. ;)

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