Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Megan Goes to ECHO

Megan has some good news to share. She started going to a day program for adults with an ID, Intellectual Disability. The program is called ECHO, though I don’t know if that is an acronym or just the name they chose. There are about eight participants, including Megan. She and I shadowed the program one day, and decided she’ll go there on Fridays to start with, and then add Wednesdays. 

Her first day was four days ago, the day after Christmas. I almost felt like it was back when she had turned 3 and aged out of the Early Intervention Program and started going to an integrated preschool program. You know, wondering if she’d be okay, if she’d fit in, would she be safe…all the things a momma worries about. 

No matter how old her baby is. 

But she did okay, and she made it back home, and I thought I’d share it with you. 

I got Megan up at 6:30, and she got dressed and we started making her lunch. She peeled the cucumber and carrot…

…while I made her a ham, cheese, and lettuce sandwich.

We packed it securely in her new backpack that Phil and I got her for Christmas (regularly $18.28, we got it on clearance for $5.00!!!). 

I gotta tell ya, Megan spent Christmas night going over what she’d put in it, and that morning I discovered that each and every pocket/compartment on that thing held a sandwich bag with a new hair scrunchie, hair elastic, and/or barrette from her Christmas stocking. She is well prepared to do her hair…at least a dozen times a day if she so chooses. ;)

As I opened the front door to let a cat out at 7:19, I discovered that her bus was here! It was supposed to come at 7:28. I told Megan to get her stuff, and I scrambled to get my crocs on and a coat. And snap a pic!

We walked onto the porch, Megan in front, and before she stepped down, Megan turned to me. She said, “Alright, Mom.” and hugged me…expecting me to go back in the house! 

I told her I needed to meet the driver and take a picture of her getting on the bus. Secretly, I wanted to size him up and make sure I didn’t see the tips of any horns sticking up in his hair, or any fangs, or perhaps a GPS bracelet on his ankle. 

He looked relatively safe enough to transport my firstborn. I don’t even remember what his name is now. Megan and I introduced ourselves and she got right on that bus.

She chose a seat and got right into it. She was ready to go, and I realized this was my cue to go back into the house…

…and trust her in God’s hands. I couldn’t help taking one more photo of her bus leaving, though.

And at about 4:35, Megan came home, safe and sound, with stories to tell me about her day, as we hugged and walked to the house, chattering all the way.

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