Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

So, another Christmas has come and is all over again. I guess that’s the way of things. ;) We had a nice Christmas, a comfortable one.

Comfortable in the way that traditions and a relaxed schedule make it. Starting with the tree, which we always decorate at night on my birthday. I sit with the great Christmas box, handing out the ornaments while the children put them on.

Unbreakables on the lower two to three feet of the tree, and the more expensive and fragile German glass ornaments on the top. Caity and Ryan are the privileged ones who handle those expensive ones, while Megan and Tornado Timmy do the less delicate ones.

Christmas morning dawned with presents under the tree. We got together for the fun at 9 in the morning.

Ryan and I handled the handing out of presents. Chaos reigned as I had four children clamoring for my attention, to “Look at this Mummy!” as they each wanted to show me what Phil and I bought them. ;)

Megan opened a huge Crayola art set that Caitlin had given her. “Sweet niblets!!” she said, followed by, “It has pencils, and kwayons, and pencils!!”

Ryan loved the And1 pants and shirt set Caitlin gave him. He also got a football from us that he loved, and wanted to play with right away, but he’s, um, grounded at the moment. We just won’t go there about that, though. ;)

Yeah, grounded at Christmas; it does happen. ;)

Look at my daughter Caitlin. Isn’t she beautiful? She had taken the kids out to buy sibling and parent presents the night before. She’s a brave soul, that’s for sure!

After we were done unwrapping presents, Megan handed out some extras I had neither seen nor helped her wrap. She gave Caity a DVD that Caity had bought her earlier this year. She gave me one that *I* had bought her at some point. And she gave Timmy one  that Caity had bought her over a year ago. It’s the one she had wrapped and given me a week ago for my birthday. ;)

Oh my, but does she ever make us laugh!

Afterwards, we had our traditional orange cinnamon rolls, and I made some cheesy eggs to go with them since it was so late and we were very hungry. We relaxed and each did our own thing, Megan playing with her baby doll, the boys playing with their stuff, Caity getting ready to go to her intended, Tay’s, house. Phil and I took a nap.

Later I made a ham dinner that was quite delicious, followed by cheesecake that Caitlin had made. I got to talk to my mom, dad, and sister Susan, and that was wonderful. The family gave me books by my favorite authors, nineteen of them! Which I will savor and enjoy again and again. <3

It was a wonderful Christmas, and I enjoy everything about it, but it’s also nice to settle back into “everyday” life, with maybe not so much busyness. I think a lot of it simply has to do with the peace in one’s heart. That’s one gift that can’t be bought. You have to find that in your heart, by knowing that you are in exactly the right place, on the path of life that God has chosen for you, at this moment. <3

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