Thursday, June 12, 2014

Megan's Big Adventure

Been meaning to do this for a while, but things have been pretty hectic here. Megan came to me one Friday night in May and told me she had a lump on her hand that hurt. I thought it was a lipoma, as she has one on her leg. I made an appointment for her with her doctor, who then sent Megan to see an orthopedist, who determined the lump to be a ganglion cyst. It was on the back of her hand, right above the wrist.

So, since it was painful and in a bad spot, the doctor decided she needed surgery to have it removed. Sometimes doctors can take care of this kind of minor surgery in the office, but for some reason Dr. Grey didn’t want to, and it turned out to be a good thing he scheduled it for the hospital. 

On May 9th Megan had her surgery, and the days beforehand were filled with her asking about it. ;) After they got into the OR and started the procedure, the doctor soon discovered that it was not a typical ganglion cyst, and it wasn’t simply on top of her hand, under the skin; it was in her tendon. What was to be a very simple routine excision turned into something a little more involved, with an incision twice the expected size. Megan made it through, though, and is doing very well now.

So, without any further ado, here is Megan’s Big Adventure, in photos. :)

This is Megan all ready to go, at about 6:30 in the morning. She was so tired. ;)

                       Here is the outpatient surgery section.

Megan had to put on a johhny. When I used that word talking with Phil, he had no clue what I was talking about. I guess down here in the south it’s called a gown. ;) Her doll Emily is with her, of course.

The nurse who was with Megan most of the time was so nice.

The nurses put on a big gob of numbing cream and covered it with a clear bandage. This was for her to get the IV put in.

The nurse had me use a marker to identify the correct hand for surgery, then initial it.

Another nurse came to wheel Megan away to the outer room of the OR.

             The nurse puts a surgical hair net on Megan. 

Emily gets one too. ;)

After many attempts, the anesthesiologist was able to get an IV into Megan in one of the most painful places. He looked like George Takei!

The surgeon drew a picture on Megan’s arm; he does this with all his patients, and unfortunately I didn’t get a pic until after surgery, when it had had iodine wiped all over it. But you can still see how neat it was. He seems to be quite the artist. 

After the surgery, about an hour later, Megan came back to her room to rest a bit.

A closer look at the boo boo hand, all wrapped up.

The nurse got her a soda and helped her drink some. Megan got dressed and we left soon after. :)

Now flash forward two weeks later, and Megan went to the orthopedist’s to get the stitches out. Dr. Grey had made one stitch on top of her incision, one at each end, and the ones in the middle he “buried” to dissolve at their own rate, so she wouldn’t have so many to pull out.

All done, but you can see even after two weeks how swollen Megan’s hand still is. Most of that went down about a week ago, but it’s still a little swollen even now, 5 weeks later. 

Here is the finished product, after stitches were taken out. The circle is where the incision was supposed to be; you can see how much longer it turned out to be. 

And so, Megan made it through one of the biggest ordeals of her life so far. She goes back to the orthopedist for a final check on her hand, this coming Monday. Megan’s Big Adventure will be complete. ;)

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