Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mops, Tall Tales, and Lightning Bolts

This is my mop that I just bought a few months ago. It is now straightened back to the way a mop handle is supposed to be, thanks to Philip. When we came home from lunch earlier this afternoon, it was on the porch looking the way a mop looks. Half an hour ago Phil went out on the porch and saw it bent in the middle, in two places. My sons insist they didn't do it. Ryan just flat out says he didn't and left it at that. These are Timmy's suggestions as to how it came to be bent: 

1. Someone else in the house did it, not either of them; implying that it was Phil, me, Megan, Caitlin, or Angela. Yes, we just love ruining what we pay money for, and just for fun, too!

2. Lightning struck it. Well, I suppose it *is* possible, although I bet we would have heard it or seen some sort of flash. And we would have noticed the blackened patch of earth where the mop used to exist. You'd think he'd be afraid that bolt of lightning would strike him for making that up. ;)

3. Someone came onto our property and did it. Yes, this has to be the most absurd of all, even to Timmy's ears. We all know it's a worry in our neighborhood, someone driving by or out walking their dog, sees our mop leaning up on the porch, and is overcome by the urge to go bend it and place it back on the porch, then finish whatever they were doing.

Why do children resist telling us the truth when they do something like this? It’s not like they’d be grounded; for this kind of thing, unless they did it repeatedly, we’d have simply talked to them about why we don’t do things like this. In fact, that’s exactly what we *did* do. We told both boys that the stores don’t like us enough to just hand over whatever we need and let us walk away with them; they demand money for it all. 

And of course that led to, “Where do you think money comes from? Does it just fall out of the sky from some magical source?”

Timmy said, “No, it’s from jobs.” 

I think they’ve pretty much got that concept down, that someone has to earn money in order to pay for everything we need, everything we buy, including things we buy for them. Things they like and are happy to receive, like clothing, a treat here and there, the tee shirt for school field day, etc. 

But somehow there’s a short in the connection between their understanding of paying money for what we have, and their urge to do whatever they want with what we have. Most likely one or both were seeing if they could sit on it while the mop end was on the ground and they held the other end. And obviously they found out. One of them was caught doing this very thing just two days ago with our shovel. 

Well, the lecture is long over, the mop is straightened, although obviously it won’t last as long because now the metal has been weakened. And the night routine is under way; supper, showers, getting ready for school tomorrow, yada yada yada. I’m going to go to bed tonight with the expectation that the next time something like this happens, whichever one did it will just own up to it. Or better yet, not do things like this in the first place. 

Eh, I can dream, can’t I? ;)