Sunday, April 27, 2014

This and That…

Just a little glimpse into our life…

Today Megan and I spent some time cooking. I was making a new recipe, a cheese Danish, plus a beef vegetable soup. Well, I haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be a soup or a stew; I have time to choose later. 

So Megan worked on some of the veggies, like peeling and slicing carrots, slicing the celery, and then cubing the potatoes, and peppered me with questions about her upcoming ganglion cyst excision. I made the Danish and fielded the questions the best I could. 

I got the Danish made but it needed to cool before I could spread some icing on top, and Timothy was so anxious for it, he came in every few minutes and asked if it was done. He’s so persistent, and it’s like driving to a far away destination and hearing, “Are we there yet??” 

Over and over and over. 

After approximately the 197th time, give or take a few, he asked me if I would put it in the back freezer in the laundry room, to cool it off quicker, and I said no because it was too hot. But after he left the room, I changed my mind and arranged things in the freezer of our refrigerator so I could put it in and hurry things along. I hope nothing happens to the food in there to make me regret that decision. ;)

While I was doing that, Megan went to get clothes for herself out of the laundry room, and as she’s rustling around in there, suddenly I hear a squeal of delight. Followed by, “My shirt! I *love* you, shirt!” 

She is just too funny sometimes. 

The Danish eventually cooled and I iced it, and then served everyone a piece. Phil, Ryan, and Megan asked for another, so I got the spatula out again and got them more. I looked at Timmy expectantly, but he shook his head no. 

“My stomach hurts. Too much sugar at once.”

Says the boy who eats brown and white sugar by the spoonfuls, gets into every bag of chocolate chips I buy, and guzzles down flavored coffee creamers from the fridge when he thinks no one is looking. Go figure. ;)

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