Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Has Sprunk

"He can call me a flower if he wants to..."

“In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Isn’t that what they say when March roars to life with inclement weather? That it’ll go out meek and mild like a lamb and usher April in like a welcome sigh of relief? So what do you do when the whole month of March has been one storm after another, up until April?

Celebrate Spring!

Geez louise, we even had snow here on Sunday, the thirtieth, just 4 days ago. Now you all know I love snow; I’m the one who was praying for it (sorry!). But even I’m ready for a change. ;) We’ve had so many “inclement” weather days here in VA that I feared Ryan and Timmy will be going to school well into the summer break to make up for days lost due to cancellations.

But the past few days have been so beautiful, with temperatures into the 70s and new life quickly bursting forth from all the vegetation around us, I can’t help but feel a joyous welcoming of Spring in the earth and my soul. Even the creatures of God’s earth have sprung to life, it seems: the multitude of birds’ songs can be heard from the breaking of day till after the sun sets, and the jubilant chorus of peepers is heard all day now.

So, with Spring in mind, I wanted to share a poem I wrote almost a year ago. Be blessed in this new day that the Lord has made, and enjoy!

Spring Has Sprunk

Spring has sprung,
Or maybe it’s “sprunk;”
For all I smell
Is Pepé the skunk.
By day he hides,
His time he bides;
By nighttime’s fall
He heeds the call
To come and play,
His rear sashay,
Across the lawn
From dark to dawn.
‘Til by first light,
I get a whiff,
And wonder what
I did just sniff.
Then ponder not
If Spring has sprunk;
I know it has,
By Pepé the skunk!

~VJC 6.3.13~

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