Sunday, April 27, 2014

This and That…

Just a little glimpse into our life…

Today Megan and I spent some time cooking. I was making a new recipe, a cheese Danish, plus a beef vegetable soup. Well, I haven’t decided yet if it’s going to be a soup or a stew; I have time to choose later. 

So Megan worked on some of the veggies, like peeling and slicing carrots, slicing the celery, and then cubing the potatoes, and peppered me with questions about her upcoming ganglion cyst excision. I made the Danish and fielded the questions the best I could. 

I got the Danish made but it needed to cool before I could spread some icing on top, and Timothy was so anxious for it, he came in every few minutes and asked if it was done. He’s so persistent, and it’s like driving to a far away destination and hearing, “Are we there yet??” 

Over and over and over. 

After approximately the 197th time, give or take a few, he asked me if I would put it in the back freezer in the laundry room, to cool it off quicker, and I said no because it was too hot. But after he left the room, I changed my mind and arranged things in the freezer of our refrigerator so I could put it in and hurry things along. I hope nothing happens to the food in there to make me regret that decision. ;)

While I was doing that, Megan went to get clothes for herself out of the laundry room, and as she’s rustling around in there, suddenly I hear a squeal of delight. Followed by, “My shirt! I *love* you, shirt!” 

She is just too funny sometimes. 

The Danish eventually cooled and I iced it, and then served everyone a piece. Phil, Ryan, and Megan asked for another, so I got the spatula out again and got them more. I looked at Timmy expectantly, but he shook his head no. 

“My stomach hurts. Too much sugar at once.”

Says the boy who eats brown and white sugar by the spoonfuls, gets into every bag of chocolate chips I buy, and guzzles down flavored coffee creamers from the fridge when he thinks no one is looking. Go figure. ;)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How To Install A Laptop Battery

My new laptop battery came today. The "Instruction Manual" comes in 5 different languages, and all it is, is a list of what not to do. There's nothing instructional about it, like how to install it, how to prime the battery, or anything like that. 

However, it does tell you things like: “Never hammer a nail into the battery pack.” Um, is that warning *really* necessary?? I can‘t even imagine thinking of taking a nail and hammer to a laptop battery, never mind actually doing it. 

Of course, having lived with Ryan and Timmy and the bizarre and curious things they’ve done over the years, I can unfortunately see *them* hammering a nail into it. How did the writers of the “Instruction Manual” know…? 

Another nugget of wisdom contained therein is this: "Never shock the battery pack by dropping or throwing it.” I can just see it now…

The Battery Pack is peacefully laying on the table in the kitchen, basking in the calm quiet of the ceiling fan’s incandescent light bulbs, when suddenly, out of the blue, Someone snatches it up and throws it across the room, where it lands on top of the dog, who lets out a yelp of protest. 

Battery Pack emits a silent cry of alarm and indignant fright at this most inopportune happenstance. “How rude!” Battery Pack thinks. “I never expected that from Someone. I’m quite shocked at this behavior. I…I…I don’t remember anything now…I think I have amnesia!” 

Well, call my imaginings fanciful if you must, but hey, I’m not the one who wrote that Instruction Manual and included all those very important warnings. I just read it and let my imagination loose with it. I know, a dangerous thing for me to do. 

Hey, speaking of danger, did you know you’re also not supposed to throw the battery pack into fire, or even heat it? I promise, no matter how hungry I am and how little we have in the house to eat, I will NEVER pop that battery pack out of my laptop and fry it up in a skillet. It could “cause leakage of alkaline solution or other electrolytic substance.“ 

A little shout out here to them: Thank you, Instruction Manual people, for making sure we know not to do that! You’ve saved us from ourselves! ;)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Has Sprunk

"He can call me a flower if he wants to..."

“In like a lion, out like a lamb.” Isn’t that what they say when March roars to life with inclement weather? That it’ll go out meek and mild like a lamb and usher April in like a welcome sigh of relief? So what do you do when the whole month of March has been one storm after another, up until April?

Celebrate Spring!

Geez louise, we even had snow here on Sunday, the thirtieth, just 4 days ago. Now you all know I love snow; I’m the one who was praying for it (sorry!). But even I’m ready for a change. ;) We’ve had so many “inclement” weather days here in VA that I feared Ryan and Timmy will be going to school well into the summer break to make up for days lost due to cancellations.

But the past few days have been so beautiful, with temperatures into the 70s and new life quickly bursting forth from all the vegetation around us, I can’t help but feel a joyous welcoming of Spring in the earth and my soul. Even the creatures of God’s earth have sprung to life, it seems: the multitude of birds’ songs can be heard from the breaking of day till after the sun sets, and the jubilant chorus of peepers is heard all day now.

So, with Spring in mind, I wanted to share a poem I wrote almost a year ago. Be blessed in this new day that the Lord has made, and enjoy!

Spring Has Sprunk

Spring has sprung,
Or maybe it’s “sprunk;”
For all I smell
Is Pepé the skunk.
By day he hides,
His time he bides;
By nighttime’s fall
He heeds the call
To come and play,
His rear sashay,
Across the lawn
From dark to dawn.
‘Til by first light,
I get a whiff,
And wonder what
I did just sniff.
Then ponder not
If Spring has sprunk;
I know it has,
By Pepé the skunk!

~VJC 6.3.13~