Thursday, October 3, 2013

Some Fone Fun

1973 (Photo: Rico Shen)

Cell phones…sometimes it seems as if they’ve always been in our lives. They certainly have made my life easier; I can’t imagine what I’d do without mine. It’s funny to think that they haven’t really been around that long; prior to the 90’s the cell phone as we know it didn’t really exist. Unless you count the portable phones that made it look like you were holding a small boom box to your ear and talking to it. ;)

Timothy recently asked me how old I was when I got my first cell phone. I had told him that a nine year old didn’t need one, so he asked the question, probably hoping he could use that against my argument that he was too young. “I was about 40,” I replied. Timmy wasn’t thrilled with that answer.

1984 (Photo: Nokia)
Lately Caitlin’s biggest botheration in life has been the troubles she’s had with her newest cell phone. She had gotten a  Straight Talk model after doing a lot of research for the one with features she wanted. It was great for a few months, but then the port in the phone for the charger plug refused to work, so her phone kept dying. She contacted the company and was issued a replacement, which turned out to be a refurbished one. That’s their policy, and I think it’s unacceptable, but what can you do?

Well, the replacement phone had a problem. No one could hear her when she called anyone. So she went through the rigamarole again and was to receive a replacement for the replacement. All the while, which lasted weeks and weeks, she plugged along using her old Tracfone and texting, buying a minimum of minutes to avoid shelling out any more money than she had to. Today was the day her replacement phone was to come in the mail, and she was so anxious for it.

1997 & 2011 (Photo: Ben Schumin)

This afternoon she texted me from work asking if it had come in. Phil and I, being tired and generally in a silly mood, decided to have a little fun with her. We love goofing on our kids; it’s one of the pleasures we share this late in our lives, and doesn’t the Good Book say that a merry heart doeth good like a medicine? We’re hoping to live a little longer and if messing with the kids helps, then we’re up to the challenge. ;)

Here is how it went:

Caity: Hey, have u noticed my fone? ;O

Me & Phil: Guess what? A brown box showed up. Phil sat on it by mistake. So we gave it 2 the neighbor’s dog. Sorry. 


Me & Phil: We really really r sorry. We don’t think it woulda worked anyway. 2 make up 4 it, we’ll give u a mint, a tootsie pop and a hair elastic that was stuck to it, & a nickel. Phil doesn’t think he can catch the dog.

Caity: :( I don’t want that stuff. :(

Me & Phil: But it’s the best we can do. Unless u want 2 tin cans & a long string.

Me & Phil: O wait, I c Phil now…he did get the box, but the dog is still attached 2 it.

Caity: Haha just brush the dog off. ;)

Me & Phil: That’s gonna b a little difficult. It’s a Mastiff. U can just consider him 2 b the toy that comes with the Happy Meal.

She didn’t respond.

Oh well, Phil and I were in a fit of giggles over it. At least we know we’ve taken our medicine today. ;)

Caity with the replacement's replacement

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