Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Messy House

My darlings. <3

The other night, I was in the kitchen getting something, and of course, as a mom, seeing the mess and clutter. It was late, and I was so tired, and lately a lot of health issues have been acting up, making life a little more difficult. As well as the ever-present insomnia. Blah. Made me feel so insufficient and inept.

So on Timothy's birthday, as I stood in the kitchen and looked around, feeling my pain and exhaustion and seeing the things that needed to be done, this poem came to me. Seriously, this is exactly what happens; a poem comes to me in a flash, and I literally scramble to find pen and paper to get it down before it disappears.

So, here it is, without further ado. What I learned through the "flash poem" that I myself believe God gifted me with, was that He wants to teach me that I am who He created me to be; I am doing what He has called me to be; and I am doing my best, with what I am dealing with, which is what He gave me Himself to begin with. And it is enough.

My Messy House

My house is a mess,
No silverware clean;
The laundry piled up
By the washing machine. 
The pans on the stove
Are crusty and cold,
While a bowl in the fridge
Slowly grows mold.
Cobwebs in corners 
And pillows on floors;
Smears on the mirrors 
And smudges on doors.
I look at all this,
Wondering what I should do;
But seeing my kids
Always gives me a clue:
I’ll make them some supper, 
It’s pizza tonight!
Have them all help me
And to my delight,
I’ll hear them all chatter
Like little grey squirrels;
Believe it or not,
The boys more than the girls!
We’ll cook it together
And as if with a wand,
I’ll forget all the mess,
For I’m building a bond. 

~VJC 10.24.13~

I love you, Megan Heather, Caitlin Elizabeth, Ryan Anthony, and Timothy Richard. <3

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