Thursday, September 19, 2013

In The Autumn Years

The air has started getting chilly, and leaves are starting to turn color. I've been thinking of Autumn, one of my favorite seasons.

Some people liken the seasons to the stages of a person's life, and you can see why: Spring creates new life, and the increasing sunshine helps the trees to make new green life-giving leaves, and flowers start growing. Summer comes along, and gardens are planted, the vegetables and fruits flourishing. Autumn rolls in, and things wind down; plants start turning brown, slowly stop bearing fruit...before Winter comes, and the trees and gardens are bare, the end of the life cycle.

Autumn has gained special meaning for me over the last few years, and I wrote a poem that may help you see why. I thought I'd share it today. Autumn doesn't always mean that plants will wilt and turn brown. Sometimes, when we're least expecting it, Autumn can mean new life and hope…

In The Autumn Years

In the autumn years…..
I had thought all 
was said and done;
thought this was it;
that all I could have,
and all I could be
was already come to pass.
In the autumn years…….
I thought I had done it all;
thought that whatever good
that could have come my way
had already come,
and gone.
In the autumn years…..
I thought that every dream
I had ever had,
the possible ones, at least,
had been tried,
had been achieved, 
had been realized.
In the autumn years…..
I thought I was done;
felt I was spent;
thought this was it.
How could I have known?
How could I dare imagine?
That in the autumn years…..
a dream I had given up,
a hope I had let go,
but never knew was there, 
so silent it was in my heart….
would come upon me;
would creep up on me: 
like a baby’s heartbeat, 
like a pink Lady’s Slipper,
like a silvery gossamer:
the whisper of  love
came upon me,
came upon  me….
in the autumn years.

~VJC ~


  1. I love this poem honey. It so applies to me as well...the beauty of this season ..your beauty gives me reason go on ..season after season ..with YOU.