Monday, August 5, 2013

Sleep, Glorious Sleep!

So, it’s Monday, a brand new day of a brand new week. And I am finally here, back at ECDS, after not having written for so long. As usual, there are reasons. The health issues I deal with, though not terminal or severe, do affect my abilities to get things done around here, including being able to just sit and write. The asthma is one thing, as it’s kind of difficult to much of anything when you can’t breathe, lol. And the arthritis is another matter that is an everyday thing, with some days being worse than others. My knees have gotten worse with it, so each day I have maybe 4-5 good bends down with them, and that is ALL. If I get down after that (some days even before that limit! Lol), I ain’t getting back up. You’re going to have to get a Hoyer lift in here and get me off the floor. Or a small front end loader. ;)

The biggest thing is that Ryan and Timmy are back here with us, and of course any time you add or take away something in your life, there is going to be a period of adjustment. And since we’ve decided they will go to public school for now, there are a lot of things to be done for that that I never had to think of before. You know, supplies, paperwork, schedules and such. Homeschooling affords you a more relaxed pace, but public schools have a rigid schedule, and with hundreds of children going, it’s obviously needed. So, I’m getting used to all that.

But one of the biggest hindrances to me is the lack of sleep. I’ve had insomnia since I was a teen. It’s always hit or miss how much sleep I get. Usually I wake around 3 or 4 in the morning, and though I’m exhausted, I can’t get back to sleep. I try to read, hoping the quiet and relaxation will help lull me back to sleep. And it’s not like I can just get up and do stuff around the house; everyone else is SLEEPING!!! Lol 

So when I slept for seven hours straight last night, I was very excited. I felt like marking it down on the calendar for posterity. Instead, I went online to post about it on Facebook, of course, lol. And the first thing I saw when I logged on was Caitlin’s post about not getting enough sleep last night and having to work today, then attend a meeting at Riner Rescue, then run at Riner overnight. She was fighting sleepiness but had dozed off, and the ambulance company she works for no longer allows them to sleep during the day (many of them also run volunteer rescue squads overnight), so she didn’t want to get in trouble. 

That got me to thinking about it. What if you fell asleep by mistake? I mean, if you took a pillow and went and laid down and slept, that's like 1st degree sleeping. There was clear intent to sleep there. But if you were trying to stay awake and just succumbed, that ought to be a lesser offense, like 2nd degree. You didn't fall asleep with intent to. It happened in the cozy, comfortable warmth of the moment. 

I suppose someone who has narcolepsy would be 3rd degree sleeping, or involuntary sleeping. And someone who falls asleep by the actions of another? Like maybe someone gave them sleeping pills without their knowledge or something, or the person bored them to death...well, then *that* person ought to be charged with assault on the innocently sleeping one! 

See? You need to evaluate the forensic evidence before taking any action. I think I've reasonably proven my case for that. Or maybe I’ve just been watching too many real case crime shows on ID channel. ;) It just feels good to have gotten some nice restorative sleep for once. ~Peace

Ahhh, sleeping like a baby. Shhh! :)