Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Rabbiteer

The other night as I was cooking in the kitchen with Megan, Caitlin came in to chat. Going over to pet one of the cats, she pulled a “rabbit ears” on him, and it just begged taking the picture. 

Megan and Caity have been doing rabbit ears on each other for years. I can’t tell you how many photos I’ve taken with them doing this, and it’s so quick and so frequent that I hardly even notice it anymore. It’s actually become a classic little trick of Caity’s when she’s goofing around, not even a camera in sight. 

She’s like a stealth ninja sneaking up on people and  suddenly you just know her fingers are above your head and she’s grinning. Phil calls her a Rabbiteer. ;)

Meg wanted me to take a picture of her with a cup-o-soup, and Caity snuck herself in. 

Rabbit ears on me. See how sassy she is??

This is from the other night. Spooky glowing cat eyes!

With a chalupa. Nothing is safe from her rebellious fingers!

Not even my bedpost! 

But in the end, Megan triumphantly gets her. Go Meggie!

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