Monday, January 14, 2013

Meggedy Peggedy

This morning as Megan sat at the kitchen table organizing some things and I was bustling about washing dishes and countertops, she said to me, “Christmas is coming up soon!”

This has been her cheerful refrain daily, since…oh, about the day after Christmas. 

Christmas Day was just twenty-one days ago. Three measly weeks. And it is not coming for 351 days. Over eleven long months away.

I just gave her my usual response of, “Yep, but not until December.”

Life with Megan can be difficult at times, patience-testing, often very funny, but always interesting. Because of her having Down syndrome and how it affects her cognitive development, some concepts are harder for her to understand, like time. 

Thus, even though we just had Christmas, she’s already talking about it for this year. I’m sure when it actually arrives, she will be well prepared.

Megan’s somewhat “skewed” pronunciation of words has kept us in stitches plenty of times, too. Just the other day, I called out a caution to Caitlin as she headed out for a walk, “Don’t talk to strangers, and if anyone tries to steal you, you know where to kick!” 

Before Caitlin could respond, Megan shouts, “Yeah, in the clutch!”

Another day as she held something sword-like in her hand, I pretended to sword fight with her, and she thrust hers at me, saying, “Crochet!”

I’m not sure what she would have used the word “Touche” for. Perhaps if we went out on the lawn to play croquet? ;)

I just love that girl! ♥

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