Thursday, January 10, 2013

♫ It's Hammer Time! ♫

“Honey, would you get me the cheese and the hammer?”

When do you ever hear “cheese” and “hammer” in the same sentence? It’s not uncommon in our home, as strange as that may seem. -snort-

The thing of the matter is, it makes sense when you know why I would ask for a hammer along with the cheese. 

We buy our cheeses primarily at a warehouse membership store, Sam’s Club. At anywhere from $2.20-$2.80 per pound, depending on current dairy economy, mozzarella cheese is less expensive for a five pound bag from Sam’s than what we would pay for it at the local groceries or Wal-Mart.

So we buy that five pound bag each month for the pizzas and calzones I make for the family, thankful for the savings. 

But buying in bulk for the month necessitates freezing, and freezing a big bag of mozzarella cheese means it turns into a large thick rock-hard lump.

Thus, the hammer. I put a towel on top of the frozen cheese and hammer away at it. I will continue this little bit of extra work because it is worth the savings for our family.

Two other words in the same sentence that just *might* be heard in our house are “sheets” and “wire-cutters.”

You see, my bed is somewhere around twenty years old. I’m sure just about everyone has had the experience of owning an old mattress and knows how uncomfortable that can be. It’s not something we think about until the situation becomes so bad that we can’t ignore it.


And that is where we are, with the mattress sagging, and the old wires inside it working their way out, the little loops on their ends catching on the sheets and clothing unexpectedly. It certainly puts you in a quandary when you try to get up from sitting cross-legged on the side of the bed, only to be held captive by a mattress wire hooking into your pant leg.

Thus, the wire-cutters. ;)

However, soon we will not be hearing those two words in a sentence anymore; thanks to the Christmas gift from my father and his wife, we will have a new mattress set arriving in just six days. Ah, how glorious that will be! No more rebellious little wires, and many good nights’ sleep to come.

As for “Honey, would you get me the cheese and the hammer?” I’m guessing that one will be around as long as we like pizza and calzones. ~Peace.





  1. I'm happy I found your blog :) My solution to the cheese and hammer is that I purchased a seal a meal. I repackage all those bulk foods that I get before I freeze it. I found I saved the cost of the seal a meal very quickly, and the bags are pretty low cost. Especially for meat, no freezer burn....... I also use it to package corn on the cob I get from U-pick in the summer into meal sized bags after a quick blanche. Corn on the cob for the next 6 months, yummy :)

    1. I'm happy you did too, Tracy. :) I actually own a Food Saver, and have used it for a few different things, but I haven't used it for the mozzarella. I could have. Great idea!

  2. By the way, Tracy, in case you didn't know it, I also write the blog, which is all about cooking and recipes. Some are my own that I've "thunk" up and created, and some are from my childhood, family or friends, or recipes I've found here and there. You might enjoy it. :)