Monday, January 21, 2013

Here's To You, Gram ♥

We all have someone in our lives who’s had a big influence on us, helping to shape and mold us into the person we are. One of those people for me was my grandmother, Claire Amoling. 

Today marks the sixth anniversary of her death, and while I miss her so much, I keep thinking of so many memories I have of her, memories that make me feel good inside. I thought I’d share just a few today.

When I was growing up, I remember Grammie coming over to visit on a Saturday morning, and she would always bring a dozen donuts and a half gallon of milk. Of course, you know we kids loved to see Grammie anyway, but we were kids, after all. ;)

I remember when she would babysit us, and my four siblings and I would go out in the backyard to play a game we called “Accident.” We would gather any large item we could find, be it bikes, trikes, wheel barrow, and even an old shopping carriage. Then we would arrange ourselves sprawled out and “mangled” with the items on top of us. That was the “accident.” And then call for Grammie to come see, whereupon she would always exclaim, “Oh my! What happened?”

I will never forget when I was very small, facing her with her holding my hands, and her letting me "walk" up the front of her and flip over. She was a lot of fun, truly. 

I remember going to her house for the weekend, just me; Grammie and Grampie took one grandchild for a special weekend alone with them. When it was my turn, Grammie had made green beans as part of supper, and I hated them. I wouldn’t eat them and she refused to let me leave the table until I did. I sat at that kitchen table for an hour. Gram finally took the plate away and let me go. I laugh about that now; I’m sure she’d be pleased as punch to know I love green beans now. 

When I was a young mother, Grammie taught me how to make wonderful gravy, using the gooey flavorful caramelized meat juice on the bottom of the roasting pan. Oh, did she ever make the best gravy! 

Those are just some of my memories of my beloved grandmother, but I think the way I remember Gram most is just her in her kitchen, cooking. She loved to feed people. Her house always seemed to smelled like roast beef and cucumbers (in her salad). 

To this day, whenever I smell either of those, I think of Grammie. It’s like getting a little hug from her that makes me feel cozy and warm and just so good! 

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