Thursday, January 31, 2013


Ahh, the last day of January and we have one month under our belts already this year. Time seems to fly by faster the older we get. It seems as though we were just celebrating Christmas. 

Now Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. The stores can’t seem to display holiday merchandise early enough. Seriously, I think I saw employees at Wal-Mart setting up Valentine displays a few days before Christmas!

This week has been extra busy for us, as Phil had a wound treated for healing difficulties and the doctor put a cast on his foot. The doctor had put some cushioning on, then felt-like padding, a long thin stocking, a long thick stocking, and finally a very thick cast stocking that looked like it was knit by hand. 

After he soaked it and put it on Phil’s foot, he smoothed it down and it hardened within minutes. Then the doctor fitted a walking cast boot to Phil’s leg to complete the ensemble. 

Voila! Instant FrankenFoot! 

At home, Phil likes to lumber around and make sound effects as he takes a step forward with his big cumbersome appendage…”Boom! Boom! Boom!”

All he needs is a big black lunchbox the size of  a Samsonite suitcase, and he could be Herman Munster. 

Well, if he were a few inches taller. And if he were green, and had a flat head. And his hair was jet black. And if he had little electrode tubes on the sides of his neck. 

Okay, so I guess it’s too much of a stretch. He’s just my favorite man, Philip, with a very bulbous FrankenFoot. 

And I hope he heals quickly, because I know how difficult it is being laid up with a cast on your leg. 

Speedy recovery, Phil!

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