Saturday, December 15, 2012

From Grumpy to Grateful

Today was one of those days when a lot of little teeny things happened that were either bad, or annoying, or both. Alone, and spread over a period of days, not even one of them would have put me in a bad mood. But taken all together, happening all in the same day, it seems to affect me as if something truly terrible had occurred.

First, I had woken very early, so I decided to read for a while, knowing I had a few hours until I needed to take some Christmas gifts to the post office. However, unbeknownst to me, Mr. Sandman decided to pay me an untimely visit.

I woke to discover I had a mere ninety minutes to get to the post office. And the gifts I had planned on sending were neither packed in the box I planned on using, nor even wrapped. Urg.

After frantically wrapping and labeling, Phil and I had to wiggle and waggle and finally finagle the assorted presents in the 24x18x18 packing box, sardine style. We raced to dress and drive off to mail them.

Then I made a phone call and was disconnected. A call back was not answered at all.

Next we went to Wal-Mart, where Phil and I split up so I could shop for his Christmas gifts without him seeing. It was crowded and I couldn’t find everything I needed, and oh good gravy marie, what even possessed me to go shopping on a Saturday during the Christmas season?

Phil and I were to meet in the front of the store in thirty minutes. At the appointed time, I couldn’t locate him, even though he was there.

So I checked out at the register alone. And entered the PIN for my debit card wrong. Twice. Okay, debit card now locked out; I’ll just use cash. I was $5.00 short. And still didn’t see Phil.

The clerk aborted the transaction and placed it at the Customer Service desk while I went to find Phil.

Once found, we waited in line AGAIN to have all our items rung up AGAIN, and he used his debit card. By now my left foot was ballooning out and it felt like my sneaker had a stranglehold on it. In all the hustle and bustle of trying to get out of the house quickly, I had neglected to put my compression stocking on.

As we drove home, I looked at the sales receipt and found that I had been charged full price for the 7 packages of buns and rolls that were on sale for thirty cents less.

At home, I stepped in water and got my socks wet, forgot my water cup twice when I was in one room and had to backtrack again, and stubbed my toe hard.

I almost threw away a container of Pringles, couldn’t find some of the groceries I had *just* bought, and tripped over some bunched up packing paper I hadn’t thrown away.

AAAUUGG! Okay, time to take a breath. And see the good that happened today.

The packages managed to fit in the box, it was under $14.00 to mail, and the post office actually closes thirty minutes later than I thought.

The person I had tried contacting called me back and I was able to give the information I needed to relay.

I got the important things I needed at the store, and I can get credited for the overcharges next time.

Phil put my compression stocking on, and the swelling is receding as I relax off my feet.

I am blessed with clothing and had clean socks to put on, I have running water in my home for my cup, I am relatively healthy, stubbed toe or not.

I saw the Pringles can before it was too late, I am blessed to have those rolls and buns to eat that are in the house somewhere, and if tripping over some packing paper is the worst I have to contend with, then maybe I need an attitude adjustment today.

I am truly blessed in so many ways. I think the rest of the day I’ll focus on those countless blessings. Peace be with you all.






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