Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Some Hair Ad-"Vice"

                The hair is the richest ornament of women.  ~Martin Luther

Have I ever mentioned that I have a “thing” for expensive hair care products? Well, not that they have to be expensive; they just have to be very good. And the ones that are very good happen to be very expensive. So, okay, I guess I do have a thing for *expensive* hair care products. ;)

Yes, this is my hair!
The thing is, my hair is like straw; rough feeling (according to my own fingers), somewhat frizzy (especially in humidity), curls all unruly unless I put my foot down and use something (or put my fingers in, so to speak). (Why am I talking in parentheses??)

And it’s not like I have these vices that are all expensive or anything. I mean, I don’t smoke, the typical vice we think of; and it’s a good thing, because with my asthma, can you imagine it? One puff and I’d be down for the count. Two puffs on my inhaler wouldn’t even help me then.

And good gravy marie, have you seen the price of cigarettes these days?? Even for the least expensive brands, a pack of cigarettes can cost upwards of $5 -$6, and more like around $7. Cost of a carton? About a week’s worth of car payment? Wowzers.

So paying something more for a conditioner that will last me a couple of months is something I can live with. I mean, yes, I could buy Suave or Dove conditioners, and I *do* buy those, for everyday use. They work fairly well on the hair, as far as making it smooth and soft, and are usually just around $5, give or take a few cents.

Some of the conditioners
in my arsenal. ;)
But what I have found to be really great on my own hair are the ones that are more expensive. The ones that you see the price tag and your eyes bug out like the old cartoon characters seeing a ghost or something. Tom and Jerry, the cat and mouse team, are classic examples.

Well, you pay way more if you want your hair to feel as silky soft as they make it feel. I have several that I buy, and some are only a little more expensive, while some are a lot more. But those ones I only get when they are on sale or if I have a coupon.

Absolute best!

Otherwise they’d be almost a car payment and I’d be walking everywhere instead of driving that Yukon XL. And I’m just not young enough anymore to carry 4 kids piggyback to the store. Plus all the bags. ;)

To me, my little vice is worth the money I spend, for the handful of silky soft happiness they give me. That alone makes them a treat that is worth what I pull out of a tight budget, especially when some of these products last several months.

Curl boosters and amplifiers.

Unless, of course, someone takes a brand new 5 oz. container of Catwalk by Tigi Curls Rock amplifier and squirts it into the sink and right down the drain. Eighteen dollars worth. Down. The. Drain. In less than 4 minutes.

Um, I’m thinking that at $4.50 a minute…..that one might *not* have been worth it. Urg.


  1. My hair is straight as a bone. It does nothing without really sticky product. Sticky product makes my hair feel like straw. But, it makes my hair stand up and that is important. Otherwise, with my round little face, I look like a bowling ball with hair! I'll save my extra money for big, gaudy earrings!

  2. Sticky product? lololol I can think of a few scary things that would make your hair stand up without Sticky Product. Like me first thing in the morning? I'll email you the pic and you can tape it up by your mirror. ;)