Monday, November 21, 2011

Rocket Man Meets Young Frankenstein

So…. I’ve been rather busy for a few days, and yesterday was a day and a half, let me tell you. Well, forget it, you really don’t want to know….

But last night as I was thinking that I’d like to post a new entry on the blog , and wondering what in the world to talk about… walked Ryan with Nerf bullets stuck up his nostrils.


The boys especially always seem to supply me with more fodder for this thing. And the funny thing is, they get so annoyed that I post pictures on Facebook and ECDS of the goofy things they do.

Um, hello!! You walk into the room with Nerf bullets sticking out of your nose like giant snot rockets and you expect me to *not* post it??

I had my camera at the ready, having taken over 200 pictures today during the cooking process of our lunch, which was chicken stew and biscuits, with coconut and banana cream pies for dessert.

I frequently photograph cooking sprees, with the kids especially, because I love cooking and I love teaching. A cooking blog is a real possibility in the near future. I’ll keep everyone posted.

So anyway, Ryan walked in, and I busted up laughing, it was just too funny. Then he said, “I don’t need a gun!” and he blew them out. They shot across the room and I just about died.

He went into the living room to show his father, and I took a video of it. One of the Nerf bullets stayed in his nostril this time, and right when I stopped filming, Ryan quipped, “My gun is jammed!”

Oh. My. Gosh. I almost wet myself laughing at that.

And then in walked Timmy, with Nerf bullets sticking out of his ears, like a little Frankenstein.

Well, my email name does include Puddles for a reason….. ;)


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