Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Definitely Their Forté

Remember the trip to the ER last week when Timotheus smashed his finger with the hammer?

Well, that has certainly not stopped the boys from working on their fort lately.

You know, doing buildy kinds of things the way 11 and 8 year olds do. I have said how much they like to attach wood of any kind to the fort, creating shelves, reinforced walls, new walls, things they don’t even have names for….

I think the real thrill comes in using a hammer, a grown-up hammer, to pound nails in.

And it does not have to be a piece of wood to satisfy that boyish need to push steel and iron through something.

They have hammered nails into doors, furniture, horsehair plaster walls, plastic, paper, Styrofoam, Play-doh….you name it, they have nailed it.

With the exception of concrete, which they probably have tried, but couldn’t succeed because we have no galvanized concrete nails.

They would have hidden the evidence anyway, thinking I’d never find out. Like how Timotheus runs into his room with the power drill, thinking I won’t hear that zhürrrrrrr as he’s drilling into the dresser drawer.

Or the wood splintering. Guess they could always pound the splinters into the fort, though. ;)

So, anyway, they have used almost every nail imaginable in this play fort…..drywall, roofing, finishing, common. Common nails…as opposed to your more distinctive ones.

And yesterday when I took the T & R Wrecking Crew out to burn off some energy, I mean play, they spent almost all their time playing Tim “The Toolman” Taylor on their fort. Except they don’t seem to have the “more power” grunt down pat the way Tim Allen does.

And we wonder why he goes
to the ER so much?

With the help of their father, Ryan and Timmy had recently taken some parts to an old bunk bed set that was destined for the refuse collection vehicle (ß read: trash truck) and used them to make the fort seem more like a jail.

Well good gravy marie, didn’t I say in last Wednesday’s post that I was pretty sure they were trying to turn the fort into something like the ADX Florence, a supermax federal prison in CO?

What they ended up with was something more like the jail in Mayberry, NC, and I almost expected Barney Fife to walk out adjusting his pants at the beltline, saying, “Nip it in the bud.”

All those nails and wood…..and they end up with something as redneck as we are. Or maybe because of all those nails and wood. ;)

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