Thursday, November 3, 2011

Power Down.....

So……this past weekend we had our first snowstorm of the year. And what a storm it was….
For one thing, it came in October. I mean, yes we are in New England, but still…..snow in October isn’t exactly the norm.

This storm didn’t seem on the surface level to be so forceful, but it sure packed a wallop as far as damage. All through the night, we heard sharp cracks that sounded like shotgun blasts, then within seconds, the dull thuds of trees or giant limbs hitting the ground below.

Some of the downed limbs
in the neighborhood.

Just before 5 on Sunday morning, I heard another loud crack and a huge tree limb from the backyard hit the house right behind my head. I heard it as it slid off onto the ground.

Being the creeped out geek that I am, I went out in my pajamas into the wind and snow to check it out, keychain flashlight in my hand…..

Even though I had been listening to these trees and branches falling all night long, it was still somewhat disconcerting and eerie to walk around out in the silent morning, all alone surveying the carnage of wood pulp around me.

One neighbor's yard.

Our power had gone out much earlier, and we didn’t get it back on until late Tuesday night. It was like reliving that fun powerless time after Hurricane Irene all over again. Good times……good times.

I managed to get on Facebook a few times over my phone, but otherwise my connection to my online friends was almost non-existent. An hour or so using free Wifi at McDonald’s Monday night, and a few hours at the library on Tuesday.

Wednesday started the clean-up process at home from the explosion of “mess” that resulted from the lack of electricity, heat, and hot water.

And is still continuing today. Which is why there has been nothing new here. It’s amazing how dependent we are on these things.

But then again….in a house so cold you can see your breath, do you know you can actually take an equally cold shower in under 3 minutes? Sure saves on water. ;)


  1. It doesn't look like you got a lot of snow. Was it the wind that got you?

  2. Not too much, no. The wind was incredible. I'm thinking the ice, also, contributed to it. :)