Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sugar Coat It For Me

The other morning it was quite chilly when I brought my husband to work around 6:30 a.m. Like, 35 degrees or something. Even being someone who loves cold weather and hates the heat of summer, this was cold enough to require putting something on, even just the sweat jacket I usually wear.

But even I knew that a sweat jacket would be just a little bit too light for that kind of early morning, when the frost was heavy on the dusky world outside, making everything appear like those old fashioned decorations with the fruit all covered with sparkly opaqueness. The kind in a bowl on your grandma’s table that you eyed and wanted to touch when she walked out of the room.

Since I don’t own a winter coat, and I didn’t feel like wearing a sweater under my sweat jacket, I asked my husband if I could wear his uber-cool Patriots coat. This thing is really nice looking, whether you’re a New England Patriots fan or not. All cotton…really nice logo patches…

But I’m a hockey girl. Everyone who knows me knows that. And I only have eyes for the Boston Bruins…..2011 Stanley Cup Champions. Though I love Zdeno Chara, and Tyler Seguin has been awesome this season….Tim Thomas is my man. He is an excellent goalie and has had many shutouts the past several games.

So anyway, I’ve been thinking of getting myself something heavier for the winter, and though that Patriots coat is rather nice, I’m not going to “adopt” it from my husband. I think he keeps pretty close tabs on it anyway. He did have a hard time releasing it from his grasp when I tried to take it from him to put on the other day. ;)

No, I’m holding out for something better. I want an official Boston Bruins jacket. And in skipping around online one night, I came upon this beauty:

Lovely twill cotton, team logo on the front and Stanley Cup Champion patch on the back….my goodness. Be still my beating heart. Now, with that coat on in the winter, I’d be so stylin’! And someone wouldn’t have to worry about me getting too attached to his Patriots coat.

Not to worry anyway….I think hockey is way better than football, and do not even attempt to explain football to me. It's a battle you will not win... and Tim Thomas has it all over Tom Brady.

At any rate, wearing that jacket and thinking of Thomas spanking the puck away from the net…. I’d sure be toasty warm in these New England winters. ;)

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