Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The ER Fun File

This afternoon was one of those times that I had so much fun I just didn’t know what to do with myself. It started like this: I had taken the boys out to play for a while before we had a late lunch. I was on the laptop working on writey kinds of things.

Ryan and Timotheus were playing in the yard on their fort, doing the kinds of buildy things that young boys with a lot of old extra tools like to do. You know, take nails from their father’s hidden supply, use them to bang wood anywhere on the fort they can fit something else.

Basically turn the fort into something more secure than…..well, what’s the tippity-toppest security prison system in our country? A supermax, like the ADX Florence in Colorado?

Okay, so I’m pretty sure the boys are trying to transform this simple fort that was built from a clearance-priced $30 kit into something akin to that federal prison.

And they will use whatever wood they can find: leftover boards, furniture they pull apart without our knowledge, sticks, bark from trees, woodchips. They’d pound nails into sawdust if they could hold it up there.

So, the boys were using their hammers to bang, bang, bang, when unbeknownst to me, Timmy went BANG right on his left index finger. Just when we were going inside for lunch.

Only he didn’t tell me. He grabbed a tissue and tried to stem the flow of blood, ran into my room, and suffered as quietly as a child can with a finger split open and a blood blister under the nail. Until he couldn’t take the pain anymore and was forced to man up about it.

After taking initial steps to clean it and apply first aid, with Timmy hopping about like a lizard on hot tar, we were off to the Emergency Room.

The infamous metal rod.

Soon x-rays were taken and an examination performed by the doctor, whereupon it was decided that stitches were not necessary, and his finger was wrapped well and a splint put on.

Funny thing was, this was the same doctor AND nurse who had treated Timotheus in the ER last year for a metal rod put through his foot. And yes, they both remembered him.

Timmy had, for reasons known only to him and the wind, stomped on the metal axel to a toy truck, which 3 days later had become infected, requiring hospitalization and IV antibiotics.

Upon returning home bandaged and on bed rest, it was one of only three times in his life he has sat still for more than 4.5 seconds.

Before going into the OR for surgery.

The first was a year before that, when he split his knee open in the yard, wedging a pyramid-shaped chunk of glass in his knee that was only discovered later, months after being stitched shut, and required surgery to remove.

The metal rod stomping incident was time number two for sitting still.

The third and last time was earlier this year, when he had fractured his foot while sledding.

Jumping off the sled at the end of the hill, Timmy stepped right into a deep hole in the crusty snow and twisted his foot.

He was in a boot cast for about a month and a half.

So, this latest installment in the Fun File of ER Visits just made my day today. I cannot think of anywhere else *I’d* rather be than a hospital on a Wednesday afternoon.

I am thankful, however, that we were in and out fairly quickly, and that Timotheus didn’t need stitches. Wouldn’t have slowed him down any. We all know that. ;)

After today, I almost can’t wait to see what excitement tomorrow holds. Almost. ;)
Timmy doesn't hold the corner market for
emergencies: just 4 days after Tim was released
from the hospital for the foot infection, Ryan was
hospitalized for surgery on his eye for lacerations
from being scratched by the cat.

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