Monday, November 7, 2011

Darn Those Socks!

Remember the post about socks? And how much I love them? Well, my love affair with socks stops seriously short when it comes to folding them. Which is why sometimes they pile up. And up and up and up. Until finally there is an entire laundry basketful.
Then it takes a very long time to go through all those socks and match them up. Since there are so many of the same color, especially white, it can be a daunting task.

Which is why I put it off until no one has any left in their drawers anymore and I am forced to finally bite the bullet.

But matching up the socks is a long process….first you have to separate each person’s socks into piles. Then each pile has to be gone through, finding matches.

And again……with so many white or dark blues/browns/blacks… gets tricky.

 So the process can take an hour or two, and to help get through it, I watch television.

The last time the sock pile built up this big………Timotheus was in the bedroom with me, and he wanted to watch the new movie we had gotten the boys. Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Okay, so I watched it with him. And even when he walked out of the room 27 times. I was mesmerized by the action. And Shia LaBeouf isn’t too shabby to look at.

And when it was over, when there were no more socks in the basket…..

I actually went and got the first Transformers and popped it in the DVD player. Oh yes, I watched Transformers. Of my own accord. No gun to the back of my head.

And before the night was over, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was watched also.

.I have no idea why I liked these movies. I’m certainly not into any other of this genre of movie.

I didn’t get the Happy Meals at McDonald’s in order to collect the Transformer toys. Although the Bumblebee they had was kind of cool. ;)

For whatever reason, I just did. Like how I love the movie Anne of Green Gables. And I also love The Shawshank Redemption. The Dutchess. And Robin Hood.

Hey, it got me through that mind-numbing laundry basket full of socks, didn’t it? Isn’t that the important thing?

This time, when I had that mound of at least 183 socks (yes there was one loner), Timmy was otherwise occupied.

And there was an NCIS marathon on the USA channel. So I watched that. After all, they were showing “my favorite episode.” And Mark Harmon is in it. The Silver Fox. And we all know I will watch him any time of day or night. J

I’m just not sure the socks all got matched up right this time. ;)

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