Wednesday, October 5, 2011


With the guitar.
I was looking through photos again today, trying to locate a certain one I remembered taking but had no idea what month or even year.

And seeing assorted pictures of my 20 year old daughter Caitlin, I came across many pictures that showed what a wonderfully funny sense of humor she has. “I have taught you well, Grasshopper,” I want to say to her.

Instead, I’ll just share some of the many photographs of her that I came across today. And maybe talk about her a little bit. Caitlin is actually our third daughter, and she didn’t have an easy start.

She had a stroke at birth, which caused her to have seizures, with resulting weakness on her entire left side. Thankfully it was at birth, which gave her a stronger chance to recover fully from it.

The fake goofy teeth and
the look make this the
 Redneck Come Hither look. ;)

Caitlin has always been active, and a very impishly mischievous child. I can still remember the smile on her face and twinkle in her eye as she held my Noah’s Ark musical water globe in her little two year old hands and smashed it with delight. Youch. Thankfully that stage passed. Last week. Aw, just kidding, Caitlin! ;)

Caity at the piano.
It is so beautiful to hear.
Besides sharing the humor genes passed down from both parents, Caitlin also inherited her artistic and musical creativity from me and my side.

She loves to draw and sketch, and plays the piano beautifully, along with the guitar, which was self-taught.

"The name's Wear....

She can make a joke of almost anything, which makes this Momma so proud. Sniffling right now thinking about it. :::wipes a tear from eye:::

Caity as the lead, Ruth, in
Gilbert & Sullivan's musical
"Pirates of Penzance"
Caitlin is very mechanically inclined, and has always had a maturity well beyond her years, which always confused people when they tried to guess her age, even from seven and 8 years old.

She has had an interest in acting, as well as singing, and has had the opportunity to do both through our church choir, homeschool drama group, acting classes at Trinity Repertory Theatre in Rhode Island, and a semi-professional theatre group called The Gazebo Players.

Goofing with Ryan
and some cottonballs. :)

She has such great sense of humor and a diverse variety of interests, she’s one of those people who, if she were not my daughter, I’d want to know her as a friend.

Geez louise, I just love her!

As a matter of fact, I could never leave out the fact that for many years, Caitlin has been not only my friend, but my best friend. Who could have ever thought a mother-daughter relationship could be so sweet?


  1. Absolutely wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aw, thank you. :) It was time for it. She is just the best daughter-friend a mom could have. <3