Friday, October 28, 2011

What's on *Your* Fridge??

This qualifies as another of those things
that you just don't want to see.
I’m starting to wonder if there is any point to trying to keep the boys off of the refrigerator. It seems every time my back is turned, they are up there again.

Oh heck, let’s face it: my back doesn’t even have to be turned anymore.

They just scramble up there like The Flash Meets Spiderman, and before I know it, they’re little faces are peering down at me from high above.

And I’m trying to bring my volume down a few notches as I shriek, “Get OFF the fridge!”

For the 7,554,112th time.

Some of what seems to attract the boys......
But shrieking isn’t exactly easy at a lower volume.

It’s like trying to hit a high soprano note softly. I don’t think it even qualifies as shrieking unless it’s at least a few decibels above screeching, really.

And what in God’s name is up there that is so beckoning to young boys?? Not just beckoning, but irresistibly alluring?

You’d swear there was a siren from Homer’s “Odyssey” enchanting them to defy the laws of gravity and walk up that refrigerator.

There are some Sharpie permanent markers, a few tools, the big 5 lb. bag of mints, and then an assortment of tape: duct, clear packing, masking, electrical……

And what I am so very thankful they have not found!
Ohhhhh, okay….come to think of it, I’ve been finding the markers with their tips smooshed in, only one screwdriver is left, and the bag of mints is down to about 2 lbs.

The tapes…..well, the duct tape has half an inch left. And I think I could untangle the electrical tape if I had twelve hours of extra time on my hands with nothing else in the world to do. Or ask a doctor skilled in microsurgery.

Guess we didn’t really need clear packing tape or masking tape, did we?

And one of them is right back up there, for the 7,554,113th time.

Breathe…..breathe…..even trying to work through the 1st stage of labor in childbirth has got to be easier than this.

And count to ten….1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.…..ten!

And breathe again…….

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