Sunday, October 23, 2011

Time to Make the Donuts

Saturday mornings……..they usually fall into one of two categories: rushed and frenetic, trying to accomplish more than we can realistically, or lazy and relaxed like honey spread on a slice of bread.

Yesterday morning was one of those lazy Saturdays…….playing itself out in an unhurried manner, like Coltrane playing on the Crossley turntable.

We generally had no plans, nothing set in stone, so we took it all as it came. My favorite kind of routine…… ;)

Having recently acquired a donut maker, a nifty little culinary toy that works the same as a waffle iron, Michael decided to try it out.

It was fairly easy to use. He mixed all the ingredients together according to the recipe in the accompanying booklet.

Ryan liked to watch and help with some of it, as I talked about certain aspects of baking, and answered questions he asked about it.

A plastic freezer bag with the corner snipped out, the quickie substitute for a pastry bag, was filled with batter. Then the wells were filled.

A few minutes is all it takes for the donuts to bake.…….

and then they are taken out and placed on the cooling rack that Ryan holds up, ready to be transferred over to the table……

where Ryan carefully frosts each one. It’s a simple icing made of confectionary sugar and water.

And the process is complete......

They are all ready for the hungry children who have been waiting in anticipation for a lazy daisy Saturday morning breakfast treat.

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